Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1019 BN, Netherlands
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  • lloyd digital lab 2015

Date: 22 January 2015
Time: 8pm – 10.30pm
Venue: The Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free, please RSVP 

Why do stories matter in the digital world? And who gets to tell them? This intimate salon-style event brings together innovators working in different contexts to create interesting and diverse stories using technology. Sophia Stuart left her position as a digital executive at media house Hearst (New York) to embark on independent creative projects, amongst them a series of mobile novels. Lipika Bansal conducts research between Amsterdam and India using technology and storytelling techniques to better understand human behaviour. Web entrepreneur Martijn Arts will introduce his forthcoming book titled Augmented Humanity: The zen of Technology. What can these three technologists tell us about the power of stories to influence cultural dynamics?

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  • BA2 Matthijs Imminck

Date: Friday 23 January
 20.30 hrs
Location: Room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Nathalie Faber and Nandine van Karnebeek present: 
Nachtvanger Sculptures, photographer without camera, Wurzel, Autoportrait, roaring singalong for the whole family, story, truly happened radio fairy tale, Bedroom-rough voice, living the Revolutionary Opera and group picture.

A light soup will be served afterwards for €15 including wine.

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  • Gipsy flyer januari

Date: Saturday 24 January
Time: 19.00 hrs onwards
Location: Restaurant Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Fresh start of  new season of gipsy band performances, starting of with Bagdalo.

Twice a month on Saturdays, gipsy bands alternate between the Lloyd restaurant and KHL