Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1019 BN, Netherlands



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Date: Sunday 12 June
Time: 15.00 hrs
Location: The Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Screening of the documentary 'Brazilian Fever' by filmmakers Arjan van Westen and Monique Schoutsen.

Film about the descendants of a group of 700 impoverished farmers and craftsmen of the Dutch province Zeeland. In the mid 19th century they were lured to Brazil with the promise of a better future.

Once there in Espirito Santo, life proved much harder than anticipated, and the mostly Dutch Reformed immigrants hardly succeeded to integrate in Brazilian society. 
Two missionary workers 'found' this group back in the 1970s and wrote a book about them 'One day they'll find us'. 
Arjan Westen and Monique Schoutsen based their film on this book. 

'Brazilian Fever' is shown as part of the programme around the exhibition 'Emigrants at Lloyd Hotel'.

With an introduction by the Arjan Westen, Q&A after the screening, and a guided tour of the exhibition.

This programme is supported by Dutch Culture, NLEU2016 and Stadsdeel Oost.

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