Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1019 BN, Netherlands



Saturday from 14.00 - 17.00 hrs
Platform 2 Lloyd Hotel
Admission 20 euros including needles and yarn
To register please mail to decca3@gmail.com

Daniela Castelbranco and Uno Fuijsawa decided to host Crochet Workshops as a way to celebrate handwork, make crochet mates and most importantly to learn something from it. Hopefully we will end up with a bunch of beautiful sustainable handcrafted jewelleries.

For this first workshop we will explore mainly crochet techniques. Daniela will display some chain crochet examples, give instructions and help the workshop participants. Moreover, especially edible jewels and tea designed for the event will be served by Uno. We will provide a bamboo needle to every participant and yarns will be available, so that the participants can start immediately. Even though you are welcome to bring your own small rubbish, we will have pull-tabs, paper-clips and rings.

The Crochet Jewellery workshop will take place acccording to the following structure:

1. Finger Crochet - 15 min
In order to release the workshop participants from the needle tyranny this use-your-body-technique is a very natural way to understand how to make a chain.

2. Bamboo Crochet - 45 min
After playing a bit with their fingers participants will try using a bamboo crochet needle. There will be an opportunity to experiment different needles and yarns of varied thickness.

3. Chain crochet small recycles 30 min
Once participants are getting more comfortable with the technique we will increase the fun by adding beads and small recycled items in the chain crochet.

4. Chain Crocheting around ring 30 min
The same technique described in number 3 but now just using rings and circular shapes.

5. Creation 60 min
This is the moment that we will make something from what we have learned. Participants are free to crochet a jewellery or accessory as a result of what they have learned.