Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1019 BN, Netherlands


From 25/06/2012 until 09/07/2012

25 June opening at Lloyd Time, 20.00 hrs
exhibition until 9 July, daily

The home as Wonderchamber - created by design graduates of the Sandberg Institute (Master course Applied Arts), with settings from sunrise to after dinner.
The designers play with the contrast between unique, handmade objects and mass-produced ones, researching the impacts of nostalgia and industrialisation.

These result in objects like embroidered curtains, optimistic glassware, a plant laboratory, a spotted service, a slide projector combined with a sewing machine.

The exhibition opens with a Lloyd Time in which Gerben Hermanus gives a performance and Caroline Prisse holds a lecture. Who determines the value of a product? Do customized products have more value than those which are mass produced? Has everything merged together and have the dividing lines disappeared? These questions and more will be discussed during the exhibition.

Artists and designers
Saron Paz, Marc Barreda, Roos Kalff, Lyske Gais, Lara Roelsma, Mae Engelgeer, Kees Klaassen, Maxime Ansiau, Gerben Hermanus, Bernardo Gaeiras, Mia Lerssi, Grondvormen, Mirela Srsa, Lida Krul, Jennifer de Jonge, Arthur de Vries, Marijke Neppelenbroek, Jorge Bakker