Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1019 BN, Netherlands


From 17/04/2013 until 17/04/2014

Ellen ten Damme Room

Photographer Danny Ellinger was invited by singer Ellen ten Damme to make a book about her. He was with her 24/7 for two years, photographing her at all possible private moments. Ellinger calls her a completely authentic creature, living instinctively. For him, as a photographer of nature, this was the ultimate challenge: to photograph one subject so intensely.
The result: a picture book called 'Ellen ten Damme, Obsessie', and a hotelroom at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.

In the introduction to the book, Ellen ten Damme says: 'Do you know what's so weird? There are no famous faces in the pictures. While I meet one celebrity after the other. And obviously he was present each time. There aren't even pictures of my shows in the book, although he photographed them hundreds of times. We even travelled especially for photoshoots to exotic locations, Iceland, the Seychelles, whatever. It was fun to do, but nothing of it ended up in the book. There are just pictures of me in it.'