Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy: Design Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1019 BN, Netherlands



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Date: 6th, 7th and 8th of October
Time: Dinner at 19:00 hrs, Exhibition from 10:00 to 19:00 hrs
Location: 5-star room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Dinner €150, Exhibition free

October 6th, 7th and 8th Steinbeisser and Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy celebrate 5 years of Experimental Gastronomy bringing together international artists and chefs from Berlin, Copenhagen and New York. 

Every evening is a unique immersive experience that marries high end gastronomy with conceptual design practices and offers a radically different way to enjoy food.

A retrospective exhibition will showcase conceptual cutlery and tableware by 50 international artists commisioned in the past 5 years of Experimental Gastronomy events.

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  • Logo

Date: Sunday 8 October
Time: 10.00 - 17.00 hrs
Location: library, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Cycle along 8 contemporary art locations in East Amsterdam, view new exhibitions whilst enjoying the breakfast. Participants of this 4rth edition are PA/////KT, PS Project Space, Bradwolff Projects, CBK Amsterdam, Huize Frankendael, Museum Tot Zover, Tijdelijk Museum.

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  • Hungarian_gipsy

Date: Saturday 30 September
Time: 19.00 hrs
Location: restaurant Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Kick-off of the new season with gipsy music by Rádió Budapest. They play Magyar Nota, the urban style that used to be popular in Budapest restaurants. It is a blend of salon music, Balkan melodies, classical music and Russian songs.


  • cultamb foto

Date: Saturday 16th of September
Time: 20:00 - 22:00 hrs
Location: De Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: €12,50, tickets via De Nieuwe KHL, E-mail: info@nieuwekhl.nl, Tel: 020 - 779 1575

Concert of Dapper's Delight, a recorder and concertina duo, of 17th and 18th century English pop songs. Their repertoire comes from English tune books and broadside ballads, with titles like 'Black Mary's Hole', 'Roast Beef' and 'A little bit of cucumber'.

Hannah van Binsbergen reads from her poetry. She had her debut in 2016 with 'Kwaad Gesternte' (Atlas Contact) and was nominated for the VSB-poetry award.

The festival is set up by Keiko Shicheijo, a pianist and fortepianist based in Amsterdam, as an exploration of the relation between poetry and music. The Music and Poetry Festival takes place at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy and De Nieuwe KHL.


  • LouisvanDijkJazzendeWalvis

Date: Sunday 10 September
Time: 14.30 - 15.00 hrs, 15.30 - 15.00 hrs, 16.30 - 17.00 hrs
Location: 5-star room 221, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Tickets via Jazz en de Walvis

Jazz on eight locations in the Eastern Docklands. In Lloyd Hotel's 5-star room 221, designed by Joep van Lieshout, Louis van Dijk will play the Estonia grand piano.
Van Dijk accompanied singer Ramses Shaffy, and played with a wide variety of musicians and directors, from Jaap van Zweden to Dizzy Gillespie.



  • OMDA17_emailbanner_wijdoenmee_DEF

Date: 9 - 10 September
Time: 10.00 - 17.00 hrs
Location: Lloyd buildings along the Oostelijke Handelskade
Admission: Free

A century ago shipping company Royal Dutch Lloyd (KHL) opened its first building along the Oostelijke Handelskade, its Coffee House. Together with staff quarters, an office building, a quarantine building, and an emigrant hotel, the coffee house had its role in facilitating the transport of mainly Eastern European emigrants to South-America. In 1935, Royal Dutch Lloyd went bankrupt.

With a festival of music, guided tours, lectures and exhibitions, the buildings that formed the Lloyd-complex celebrate the era of the Royal Dutch Lloyd in the Eastern Docklands. The programme is part of Amsterdam Heritage Days.



  • beautiful distress

Date: Thursday 7 September
Time: 20:00 hrs
Location: 5-star room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free

This summer Marijn Ottenhof was artist in residence at Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn, New York, for three month. The residency took place at the behavioral health department of the hospital and was inspired by the patients, staff and environment there.
For this residence program, the hospital works together with the Dutch Beautiful Distress foundation. Ottenhof researched the relation between media, trauma and narrative.

In her artist talk, Marijn Ottenhof will reflect on her time at the hospital and discuss the work she is currently producing as a result of her residency.

Beautiful Distress is a foundation for the understanding and acceptance of the mentally ill.



  • American_Dream

Date: Monday 31 July - 6 August
Time: 09.00 - 23.00 hrs
Location: restaurant, and upper platform 3, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Highlights of the photo series 'American Dream' by Noah Valentyn.Trained as an actor, he played major roles in Dutch tv-series and international theatre and film productions.

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Textile Factory

Saturday 8 - Sunday 23 July


  • Printing blocks at Chaubundi blockprint studio

Date: Saturday 8 - Sunday 23 July
Time: 24/7
Location: 3rd floor platform, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Print/dye artist Meeta Mastafani has vast experience in working at the intersection of substainable development, craft, design, art and retail. In Kaladera village, Rajastan, she has been working for years with blockprinters of Chaubundi Studio. With the artisans she has developed a new, playful language of working with the ancient art of block-printing. 

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Corry & Joseph

4 - 25 July 2017

Exhibition Het Wilde Oog

  • Koen in Couzijn Joseph met Hendrikje

Date: 4 – 25 July 2017
Times: 9 am – 6 pm
Location: public platform Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Eight well-known Dutch artists and designers were requested by the art initiative ‘Het Wilde Oog’ to develop a variation on the characteristic shoulder cap – "kraplap" - of the Spakenburg traditional costume, ‘in the spirit of Joseph Beuys’. Lucy Sarneel, Marianne van Heeswijk, Maria Roosen, Keiko Sato, Couzijn van Leeuwen, Ted Noten, Rob Scholte, and Maison the Faux made objects and jewellery for this exhibition.
'Het Wilde Oog’ then photographed professional theater makers wearing these ‘art kraplappen’.
Authors Tjitske Jansen and Koen van Hensbergen contributed text to accompany the images.

Film première ‘In the VOC trail’

11 June

  • Krishna_rivier_still_film_Jenne_Sipman

Date: 11 June
Time: 16:00 hr - 19:00 hr
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Film première ‘In the VOC trail’ of the Textiel Factorij, in which Jenne Sipman and Shradha Jain visited various Dutch artists and designers working with Indian craftsmen on location. They retraced the way Dutch worked with local craftsmen, like in the 17th and 18th century.

The film gives us a historical perspective, but also highlights the current situation, telling us about how these century old crafts have been passed on from father to son.

Gipsy Saloon

Spring/Summer 2017

  • 16832289_1202114779837445_2684781405984092786_n

Location: Lloyd Restaurant
Admission: Free

Join some of the best Dutch Gipsy orchestras as they perform during dinner at Lloyd Restaurant.

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20 May 2017

  • leesclub_Henk-2

Date: Saturday 20 May 2017
Time: 8.30 pm
Location:The Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission:Ticketsales via DasMag Festival

As a teenager with three older half-brothers and a moody mother Henk van Straten started using drugs in his attic room. Now, 37 and with his 6th novel coming out; ‘Wij zeggen niet halfbroer’, in which he writes about his youth.
Haroon Ali discusses the novel in the reading circle of DasMag Festival on May 20. 


10 May 2017

  • workshop Button masala anuj sharma

Date: 10 May
Time: 10.00 - 13.00 hrs
Location: platform 3, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free, RSVP is necessary to take part

Indian designer Anuj Sharma will give a Button Masala workshop on how to create fashionable outfits and accessories using just buttons and rubber bands.

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The Jules Loszynski Photos

  • The Jules Loszynski Photos

Date: Thursday 4 May 2017
Time: 11.00 - 12.00 hrs
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Last year Jack Weil found a photo album in his mother's attic. To his surprise, it contained pictures by his mother's first husband, Jules Loszynski. In 1939, he worked at Lloyd Hotel, which from February to June of that year served as refugee centre for jews who had fled Germany.


15 April 2017

  • Tango Terras

Date: Saturday 15 April 2017
Time: 8pm - 1am
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: €10,-

Argentine DJ Lucas Malec leads an evening of Easter milonga hosted by Tango Terras. Enjoy the atmosphere of the spot from which emigrants departed for Buenos Aires in the 1920's.


  • Launch magazine re-work

Date: Sunday 9 April 2017
Time: 5pm
Location: room 222, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Launch of fashion magazine Re-Work #1 from the designers Johan Tangyong and Edwin van Gelder.

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  • The Family Portraits

Date: till Friday 2 April
Time: open all day long
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, platform 4
Admission: Free

A project of visual artist Michiel Voet, together with writer
Bart Deuss, artistic leader of dance-theatre Don’t Hit Mama [Amsterdam]

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  • OpenTorenDag

Date: Saturday 25 March
Time: 10.00 – 16.00 hrs
Location: Tower 6th floor Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free

The fifth Open Toren Dag is an opportunity to climb the towers of buildings otherwise closed to visitors throughout Amsterdam. The Lloyd tower was designed by architect Evert Breman and built in 1921 for shipping company Royal Dutch Lloyd. A dusty spiral staircase leads up to the octagonal tower, from where visitors have a fabulous view over the Eastern Docklands and the city.


  • 24h_oost

Date: Saturday 11 March
Time: 18.00 - 18.25 hrs, 20.00 - 20.25 hrs, 22.00 - 22.25 hrs
Location: Room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free

We teamed up with east Amsterdam dance theater Don't Hit Mama and visual artist Michiel Voet, who will take you on a journey. With stories and images about migration, Dutch colonial history and how dance brings together different worlds.

A couple of young hiphop dancers surface in the Lloyd Hotel restaurant. They invite visitors to join them to an upstairs space where dancers and large scale photographed Family Portraits tell a story.
About traveling to another continent. About lasting Javanese traces in Dutch culture. About losing things and finding things back.

Don't Hit Mama is known for its innovative dance performance from hiphop sources, and has a longstanding work relation with visual artist Michiel Voet. Inspired by the remarkable biographical stories of these dancers, Voet together with artistic leader Bart Deuss, started this project to portray the dancers in a theatrical style a year ago.


  • studio_52nd_tentoonstelling.jpg.454x454_default

Date: 10 – 16 February, all day every day
Location: 4th floor platform, Lloyd Hotel&Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

At Studio 52nd, children from East Amsterdam from underprivileged backgrounds express themselves in drama texts, which are then performed by professional actors in Amsterdam theatres.
77 hand-drawn portraits of the Studio 52nd pupils by Atelier Van Diepen are now exhibited at the Cultural Embassy.

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  • Mono Japan

The second edition of MONO JAPAN will be held from 2nd to 5th of February 2017.

MONO JAPAN is a cultural fair of authentic and contemporary Japanese crafts & design. The Japanese word “MONO” means ‘object’ or ‘product’. With its simplicity, refinement and utter care for quality, Japanese crafts deserve a special place in the design world.

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  • Poppetjes1

Date: Till 21 January 2017
Time: 09:00 – 17:00 hours
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free

An exhibition on the migration history of the Eastern Docklands area. Between 1921 and 1935 the hotel served as emigrant hotel for shipping company Royal Dutch Lloyd. Thousands of Eastern Europeans emigrated via Lloyd Hotel to Brazil to work on the coffee plantations.

The project shows migration has always been a part of human life and is thus related to the current (European) reality. 

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  • Club RANINC 3

Date: 14 January 2016
Time: 20.00 - 23.00 hour
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free, booking not necessary

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy present the glamorous club RIGHTABOUTNOW INC. A line-up of urban performers celebrates today’s city, in spoken word, stand-up comedy and drag; at the same time cheeky & woolly, and with a large dose of daft humour. Be blown off your feet...

The evening ends with the traditional guided tour along the most stunning rooms.

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  • Sandra_Reddin_PilgrimageLR

Date: Thurday 8 December 2016 until Wednesday 4 January 2017
Time: 09.00 - 18.00 hours
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy 
Admission: Free

‘With different eyes’ shows unique photographic work from Sandra Reddin (UK) and icons from Borislav Prodanovic (Serbia).

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  • Gipsy_web

Date: Sunday 18 December
Time: From 19:00 hours
Location: Lloyd Restaurant
Admission: Free

Join some of the best Dutch Gipsy orchestras during this autumn’s Gispy Saloon as they perform during dinner.

The Gipsy Saloon celebrates Lloyd's emigration history, with thousands of East-Europeans migrating via the hotel to South-America in the 1920s and '30s.

The performances alternately take place at the neighbouring De Nieuwe KHL and at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.

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  • Japan market

Date: Sunday 27 November
Time: 10.00 - 17.00 hours
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free

Fifth Japan Market with over 50 stalls, including sumi ink, bridal hair accessories, interior design with re-used kimono's, bento boxes, traditional ceramics, handmade lamps and workshops nihonga, matcha and tea-ceremony. New stalls will be joining and in Lloyd Restaurant Shizue Mura will play old Japanese songs on the siyakuhachi. (flute), at 13.00 and 15.30 hours.

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Talk by textile mural artist Claudy Jongstra

  • Moments_of_Intervention

Date: Monday 14 November
Time: 20:00 – 22:00 hours
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free, RSVP to cultureleambassade@lloydhotel.com

In this presentation textile artist Claudy Jongstra will reflect on her workshops with teenagers titled Moments of Intervention.

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  • AFRO House

Date: 21 - 23 October
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free

The Afro House Sessions - In cooperation with BlackStereo Records and partners.

Unifying Afro House DJ's, producers and artists, bringing positive attention to this exciting genre and adding diversity to ADE.

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  • maand van de geschiedenis

For more info, check our Dutch page


  • Steinbeisser

Date: 7 - 9 October 
Time: From 19:00 hours
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy 
Admission: 6-course tasting menu with wine or juice pairing € 125, for reservations contact info@steinbeisser.org

Chef Jef Schuur and chef Luc Kusters prepare an all-organic and purely plant-based 6-course tasting menu in a unique collaboration. Specially designed cutlery, glassware and plates will pair the menu. What emerges is a total experience that not only showcases contemporary gastronomy on the highest level but it also puts design, gastronomy and nature in a thrilling context. 

For more information check out the website


  • roth

Date: Saturday 1 October
Time: 21:00 - 22:00 hours
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free, RSVP to the Cultural Embassy

A book reading session from the work of Jewish writer, novelist, journalist, essayist Joseph Roth (1894 – 1939), who described the cosmopolitan, tolerant and doomed culture of the last days of the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary. The readers are literary scientists from prestigious universities, such as the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, the Sorbonne University in Paris and the LiteraturHaus in Vienna as well as the Flemish Roth-translator, Els Snick.

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  • every-falling-star

Date: Friday 30 September
Time: 19:30 hours
Location: The Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free, please RSVP to book your seat

At 16, Sungju Lee was able to escape from North-Korea, crossing the border to China. The book he wrote about his childhood, Every Falling Star, comes out in September. Lee will present his book and talk about his experiences of being an abandoned child in Hwasong, North-Korea, surviving on the streets in a gang.

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  • Oost_Best

Date: Sunday 25 September
Time: 15:00 - 17:00 hours
Location: Room 28
Admission: From € 10,00 tickets exclusively via Granate Foundation

Film, poetry and snacks celebrating the "East": the Far East, the Middle East, the East of the Netherlands and East Amsterdam. With performances by Miguel Hacham, Aurora Guds, Rinske Kegel, Narcis Zohrehnassab, Méland Langeveld, Nafiss Nia, Moes Wagenaar, Sandra Beerends, Remy Kooi, Isaura Sanwirjatmo, Niels Bourgonje, Tanti Noor Said, Michaël Du Sewandono and host Jennifer Muntslag. 
The afternoon will finish with a guided tour of the exhibition about Eastern European migration, 'Emigrants at Lloyd Hotel'.  


  • Affiche_Jazzendewalvis

Date: Sunday 11 September
Time: 14:00 - 14:30 hours & 15:00 - 15:30 hours
Location: Room 221
Admission: € 7,00 tickets exclusively via Jazz en de Walvis

An afternoon with jazz at 9 locations within walking distance in the Eastern Docklands area. Pianoplayer, composer and improvisor Oscar Jan Hoogland will play two half hour sessions on his DIY electric clavichord at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.



  • boot-ingevuld

Date: Until 21 August
Time: Each Sunday 11.00 hrs, 15.00 hrs
Location: Lloyd pier
Admission: From € 12,50 to book please visit Rederij Lampedusa

Dutch spoken

Canal Tour highlighting Amsterdam as a migrant city. It points out the influence of migrants throughout the city's history. Migrants are an essential ingredient of a city's openness and vibrancy. The ship's crew has a migrant background which make them excellent tour guides on this topic.


  • Japan_Market

Date: Sunday 26 June
10.00 - 17.00 hrs
Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

The Japan Market is a platfor for people who have an interest in the Japanese culture and products. On the market you can find Japanse related products which can be bought.

More information about the Japanse Market can be found here.


  • Special-•-Botanische-Gastronomie-900x516

Date: Sunday, 26 June
20.30 hrs
room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
: 5-course dinner, including wine or juice arrangement. Book at 95 euros per person at STEINBEISSER

Chef Emile van der Staak cooks a wholly plant-based dinner for Steinbeisser and De Nieuwe Winkel. The ingredients come from Ketelbroek woods. With botanist Wouter van Eck of Ketelbroek, cutlery by Estonian artist Nils Hint and plates by J.C. Herman.

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  • Danspaleis_Yasmin_Roelofs

Date: Sunday 19 June
Time: 15.00 - 17.00 hrs
Location: room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Dance to golden oldies for senior locals.


  • steinbeisser084-900x600

Date: Friday 17 June
Time: 17.30 - 22.00 hrs
Location: Room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: non-members: €32,50, We Are Public members 50% reduction. Book your seat here

Three-course dinner in the wood-panneled, parqueted former office of Royal Dutch Lloyd.
The courses are interspersed with the screening of a short film by Brazilian maker Rafael Urban, and a guided tour by artistic director Suzanne Oxenaar.

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  • Braziliaanse_koort_SMALL

Date: Sunday 12 June
Time: 15.00 hrs
Location: The Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Screening of the documentary 'Brazilian Fever' by filmmakers Arjan van Westen and Monique Schoutsen.
Film about the descendants of a group of impoverished farmers of the Dutch province Zeeland. In the mid 19th century they were lured to Brazil with the promise of a better future. 

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  • Special_Awards_room422

Date: Sunday 5 June
Time: 15.00 hrs
Location: room 422, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Lecture by artist Rosemin Hendriks, member of the jury of the Special Award 2015. 
A selection of works from the Special Award 2015 is on show at Lloyd Hotel until 12 June. 

For more information please contact the Cultural Embassy.



  • Poster_Lloyd_Festival

Date: Sunday 29 May
Time: 14.00 - 21.00 hrs
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free

Get to know the stories of migrants, the flavour of their worlds, and gain insight in how current migration is connected to that which took place via Lloyd Hotel in the 1920s and 30s. 
Students of the Reinwardt Academy teamed up with migrant organisations to compose a programme around the exhibition 'Migrants at Lloyd Hotel'. 

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Date: 8 April
Time: 19:00 hours
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free

Zhen Pan is a researcher of The Metaphor Lab, University of Amsterdam and linked to the Nanjing Normal University, China. Phan is investigating the use of metaphors to express emotions in Chinese and English literature.



  • Mono Japan

Date: 4 February businesses, 5 - 7 February 2016, public opening
Time: 11.00-18.00 hrs
Location: Hotelrooms Lloyd & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free

MONO JAPAN is a cultural fair of authentic Japanese craftmanship, food & design.  
The products vary from pottery, table ware, textile, fashion to tea and sake.

During the cultural programme of MONO JAPAN visitors can take part in lectures and workshops of artists and experts.

 A number of companies present themselves for the first time in the Netherlands.

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  • Dans Paleis

Date: 13 December
15.00 - 17.00 uur
Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Contactpersoon: cultureleambassade@lloydhotel.com

Ouderwets gezellig dansfeest met muziek van toen. Speciaal voor 65 plussers. Buurt bewoners, kinderen en kleinkinderen zijn ook welkom in dit feest van het leven.

Het Danspaleis is een stichting met het doel ouderen in zorgcentra en daarbuiten in beweging te zetten en in contact te brengen met jong en oud.

De DJ trekt de ouwe krakers uit de koffer zoals Johnny Hoes, Louis Prima, Doris Day en vele andere sterren van weleer. Van meezingers tot tranentrekkers, van polonaise tot ouderwets rock-en-rollen: met het Danspaleis is het altijd bal.



  • Said_en_Lody

Date: until 10 December
Time: 09.00 - 18.00 hrs
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Former rabbi Lody van de Kamp and  Dutch-Moroccan former night porter and kickboxer Said Bensellam teamed up to stimulate positive dialogue between the Muslim youth and the Jewish community in Amsterdam. 

On the public platform of Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is an exhibition about the Muslims who helped Jewish people during the Second World War: 'The Other Story'. 



  • Bagdalo_Bandmembers

Date: Saturday 12 December
Time: 19.00 - 22.00 hrs
Location: Restaurant Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Gypsy Saloon with Bagdalo, a band that's been together since 2000. They play music rooted in the gypsy culture of Eastern Europe. Yet they feel equally at home with playing gypsy jazz, Russian tangos, soulful Yiddish songs, restless Serbian tunes, as well as original compositions by Nello Mirando and Reinier Hille Ris Lambers.


  • 3de_Japanse_Markt

Date: Sunday 29 November
Time: 11.00 - 18.00 hrs
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

An extensive fair of Japanese products, from Japanese tea with Matcha, snacks, to workwear from handspun cotton and hemp, caligraphies & ink wash painting by award winning artist Shinkou and an origami workshop. 

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  • Origami_Workshop

Date: Sunday 29 November
Time: 11.30 -13.00 / 14.40-16.10 hrs
Location: 4th floor library
Admission: 10 euros

Get introduced to this beautiful traditional art of paper folding! No special equipment or tools are required, just your hands with a peaceful mind.
In this workshop, three models will be fold to give an idea of different folding techniques.


  • Het_Wolfsuur

Date: Sunday 22 November
Time: room open 16.00 hrs, film 16.30 hrs
Location: room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

 A documentary (52 mins) about the work of visual artist Lotta Blokker, whose creation of a group of sculptures 'het Wolfsuur' was filmed by Frans Weisz. (Dutch spoken) Watch the trailer here.

  • Sayaka_Abe

Date: 7 November 2015
Time: 14.00 - 24.00 hrs
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Tickets: Book your ticket from 25 euros here

A cross-disciplinary festival of radical ideas from all over the world on the interface of philosophy, art and science. IDEA wants to bring these thoughts in a way that they are of use in everyday life, or will help you relate to social issues and hypes.

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  • Nyau_Cinema

Date: Saturday 25 October 2015
Time: 17.00 hrs
Location: room 221, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free, but please rsvp to sanne[at]theoneminutes.org

The One Minutes shows Nyau Cinema. Twentyone playful site-specific performances, ‘rants’, presented as film clip interventions.

Aki Spadaro, Master Student Composing for Film, will play the grand piano live accompanying the screenings. 

Curator Samson Kambalu of the series is there to give an introduction. 



  • Flyer DP roze randje 1 nov 15

Date: Sunday 1 November
Time: 15.00-17.00 hrs
Location: room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

Pink-tinged dancing for elderly neighbourhood residents and their family and friends on music from the 50s, with nostalgic drinks and the suberb hosts of Danspaleis.


  • Het_Danspaleis

Date: Sunday 18 October
Time: 15.00 - 17.00 hrs
Location: room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: 2,50 euros

Swing is the thing for those of 65 and up. Dance party on the squeaky parquet of room 28. Neighbourhood residents, children and grand-children are welcome too!



  • Balkan_Gipsies

Date: Saturday 17 October
Time: 19.00 - 22.00 hrs
Location: restaurant Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

Balkan Gipsy music at your table. Twice a month, alternating between Lloyd Hotel and KHL, with the cream of Dutch gipsy orchestras. Tonight it's Bagdalo playing.


  • ADE logo transparant hoek eraf

Date: 17 October 2015
Time: 15:00 - 19:00 hrs
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free, but please book via info@musicmotion.nl

An informal conference with personalities from behind the scene telling you stories on setting up events in electronic music. Guests from Germany and The Netherlands will discuss their hometown experiences.

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  • steinbeisser

Date: 9, 10, 11 October 2015
Time: 19.00 hrs
Five course menu with wine or juice pairing for € 125
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Tickets:  Book your ticket here

Upcoming 9, 10 and 11 October 2015, two-Michelin-star chef Edwin Vinke from De Kromme Watergang is going to serve an exclusive dinner in the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam. The dinner is entirely plant-based (vegan) with all ingredients from biodynamic or organic agriculture sourced in the Netherlands.

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  • stichting_granate

Date: Sunday 20 September
Time: 15.00 - 17.00 hrs (room open 14.30 hrs)
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Tickets: Stichting Granate

An ode to the East in general - the Far East, the Middle-East, Eastern Europe, Austria, the East Netherlands and specifically to East Amsterdam. The writers, dancers, filmmakers and dancer who perform this afternoon, all have a connection with the East. 

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  • Jazz_en_de_walvis

Date: Sunday 13 September
Times: 14.00 - 17.00 hrs
Location: room 221, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Tickets: Book your tickets here

An afternoon of jazz performances at eight locations in the Eastern Docklands.
The line up includes  line up Tony Overwater, Nizar Rohana, Zapp4, Ab Baars, Han Buhrs, Santiago Cimadevilla, Beatriz Aguiar, Maarten vand der Grinten, Martha Jane. 


  • Aldo_van_den_Broek

Date: Thursday 9 July 2015
Time: 18.00 - 20.00 hrs (open from 17.00 hrs)
Location: Upper platforms Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free, but please rsvp

Beautiful Distress presents new work by the second artist in residency at the Kings County Hospital in New York, Aldo van den Broek. In a conversation with Wilco Tuinebreijer, founder of Beautiful Distress, psychiatrist, and Medical Director of the Mental Health Department of the Amsterdam public Health Service will talk with Van den Broek about his residency at the psychiatric institution and the work he made there.

Beautiful Distress strives to create more awareness and acceptance in society for the mentally ill. The foundation considers artists the ideal translators of mad stories.


  • Worldgranny

Date: Wednesday, 8 July 2015,
Time: 20.00 hrs
Location: Room 28 Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

WorldGranny launches its productline ByWorldGranny in the Netherlands. These are unique handmade products designed by young Dutch designers and knitted by experienced hands of grannies in Peru. Have you ever heard of a 'Granny Square', a classic knitting skill? Have you ever come across a knitted unicorn?
WorldGranny presents them at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.

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  • Peugeot_205

Date: Saturday 20 June 2015
Time: 17.00 - 19.00 hrs
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Photographer and filmer Yamandú Roos travelled all over Europe in his beloved Peugeot 205, curious to explore what he calls 'his backyard'. Yamandú: "I travel alone, This solitude leads to different ways of seeing and thinking, while I navigate through countries and cities with my music, notebook, and camera."



  • Flyer

Date: Friday, 19 June 2015
Time: 19.30 hrs
Location: Room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Salsa choir led by latin-lady Leticia Bal. A-capella, original choir-arrangements of famous and less well-known salsa and son pieces.


  • CompilatiefotoIDEA

Date: Monday 15 June 2015
Time: 20.00 hrs
Location: Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Meet-up of philosophers, artists and designers who present their proposals for the IDEA festival later this year. Subject: the design of your inner world. They look for cross-disciplinary connections and think through groundbreaking philosophical ideas.  With philossophers Hein van Dongen and Jan Bor, artist Sayaka Abe, theatermaker Eva Nagel, and designer, founder and director of Thonik,  Nikki Gonissen. 



  • Japan_Market

Date: Saturday 13 June 2015
Time: 11.00 - 18.00 hrs
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Japan Market with art, food, culture & crafts. Enjoy ceramics, sweets, bento (lunch boxes), wood cut prints, tea ware, and much more. 
Organised by the Japan Cultural Exchange


  • Percussieband_2

Date: Sunday 7 June 2015
Location: Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Time: 15.00 - 16.00 hrs
Admission: free

Djembaya is a swinging percussion band with four musicians with a physical disability and three musical supporters. Leader of the band is Letitia Bal. Djembaya is together for a couple of years in which the band has built up an impressive Latin-American repertoire which they play at several concerts throughout the year. 

  • 150122 SPRMDLS_B 750x750_300dpi[1]

Date: 11 May - 11 June 2015
Time: open all day every day
Location: Platform 4th floor, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

SUPERMODELS presents the Dutch Design (Doll) House, a variation on a very appealing historic theme: the dollshouse. A diverse selection of designers, artists and companies have been asked to design an interior at scale 1:12.

Amongst them designers / architects Makkink & Bey, textile designer Claudy Jongstra, wayfinding specialist Mijksenaar, exhibition designers Kossmann.dejong, artist Krijn de Koning, designer Jan des Bouvrie. and furniture manufacturer DUM. Together, these designs to scale, from offices, hotel rooms and exhibition galleries, show the great variety and creativity of Dutch designers and architects.


  • esthergerritsen

Date: Saturday 16 May 2015
Location: Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Time: 20.30 hrs
Admission: tickets via DasMag only

Reading club with writer Esther Gerritsen, about her new novel Roxy. Host is Mark Schaap. The evening is part of Das Magazin Festival, and is Dutch spoken.

  • Passagiers_Sint_Louis

Date: Tuesday 5 May 2015
Time: 12.30 - 14.00 hrs
Location: The Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free, but rsvp necessary. Your reservation is succeeded when confirmed by email. 

In 1939 Lloyd Hotel served as a refugee centre for a short period. During lunch, a lecture will be held about the special group of people from the Saint Louis, the ship that departed from Hamburg thinking they would be welcome in Cuba. 

Also, scenes from the film 'Voyage of the Damned' with Faye Dunaway en Lee Grant will be shown.


  • Beeld_Open_Joodse_Huizen

Date: Monday 4 May 2015
Time: 13.00, 14.00 and 15.00 hrs
Location: Room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

During Open Jewish Homes we tell each other stories about Jewish life in and around the Second World War. Open Jewish Homes is a programme of the Jewish Historical Museum around 4 and 5 May.

Programme 4 May


  • diaries pic

Date: 27th March - 6th May 2015
Time: Open daily 10.00-17.00 hr.
What: Exhibition from Erika Kobayashi (writer / comic artist)
The Future Klara van Duijkeren and Vincent Schipper (artists/ publisher & printer)
Venue: Lloyd Zaal, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
‘t Japans Cultureel Centrum / Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 177
Admission: FREE

Two up-and-coming artists from Japan & the Netherlands, Erika Kobayashi & The Future will exhibit together. The exhibition ‘Your Dear Kitty, the book of memories’, consists of an art & sound installation, video works and book-making performance resulting in a limited edition.
The collaboration is based on Erika Kobayashi’s book Your Dear Kitty. Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy functions as a catalyst for many Dutch-Japanese art & design collaborations.

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  • Foto_Annaleen_Louwes

Date: Thursday 23 April 2015
Time: 17.30 - 20.30 hrs
Location: 3rd floor platform Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free, to attend please rsvp to Beautiful Distress 

Presentation of the new foundation Beautiful Distress, which was founded to represent those who suffer from the consequences of serious mental ilnesses. There is still relatively little public attention for this group of patients, and their problems are surrounded by taboos.

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  • Bagdalo_2

Date: Saturday, 11 April 2015
Time: 19.00 - 22.00 hrs
Location: restaurant
Admission: free

Gipsy music played by the cream of the Dutch gipsy bands. Once a month either in Lloyd Hotel or the adjoining KHL. In April BAGDALO is playing.


  • appel

Date: Sunday 29 March 2015, at 19.30 - 21.00 hrs
Venue: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: 5 euros, please rsvp to Appel Arts Centre

On Sunday March 29 de Appel arts centre presents the film Popular Unrest (2010) from Melanie Gilligan. The film is shown in relation to the exhibition The Common Sense on show at de Appel arts centre until 10 May. Melanie Gilligan is present at the screening and will give an introduction.

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  • Dorien Oxenaar press Tower door Rob t Hart for Greek Travel

Date: 28 March 2015
Time: 10.00 – 16.00
What: Public opening of the Lloyd Tower on the 6th floor
Venue: Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade
Admission: free

Open Tower Day offers your once a year chance to climb the squaky spiral staircase of the Lloyd tower which leads to a overall view of the Eastern Docklands, up to where the tall ships will sail up the IJ in mid-August.

Charlotte Borggreve and Ingrid Robers present their new book Hotel Kids Only, full of games, riddles and tips about Amsterdam for children, when staying in a hotel.

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  • Hotel Talkshow

Date: 18 September 2014
Time: 8.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue: The Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free
RSVP:  cultureleambassade@lloydhotel.com
Language: Dutch

An evening of talks and music: featuring art and culture guests in conversation with Karin Giphart and Mylène van Noort about their new projects.

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  • eastside_affiche_2014_small

Date: Sunday 30 November
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Time: 11.00 - 14.00 hrs, ongoing presentations each lasting for about an hour
Admission: free

Retake of ten-part series of live presentations from 2004-2005. With video works by Carolien Scholtes, text readings by Mira van de Lubbe directed by Teuntje Klinkenberg, and live music by Pand7090 with Jacq Palinckx, Nora Mulder and Koen Kaptijn.

The presentation refers to specific decades from the history of Lloyd Hotel, which from 1921 served subsequently as emigrant hotel, refugee camp, war prison, general prison, youth prison and artists' studios.

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  • Logo_Eastside_Kunstroute

Date: Sunday 30 November
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Time: 11.00 - 14.00 hrs
Admission: free

Eight special locations in East Amsterdam offer a free breakfast in combination with new exhibitions. Participants: Bradwollf Projects, CBK Amsterdam, Frankendael, Lloyd Hotel, Museum Tot Zover, P/////AKT, PS Projectspace en de Rijksakademie.

For the full programme and map:


  • lloyd digital lab 2015

Date: 22 January 2015
Time: 8pm – 10.30pm
Venue: The Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free, please RSVP 

Why do stories matter in the digital world? And who gets to tell them? This intimate salon-style event brings together innovators working in different contexts to create interesting and diverse stories using technology. Sophia Stuart left her position as a digital executive at media house Hearst (New York) to embark on independent creative projects, amongst them a series of mobile novels. Lipika Bansal conducts research between Amsterdam and India using technology and storytelling techniques to better understand human behaviour. Web entrepreneur Martijn Arts will introduce his forthcoming book titled Augmented Humanity: The zen of Technology. What can these three technologists tell us about the power of stories to influence cultural dynamics?

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Opening of Royaards Room and Launch of LLOVE label


  • DBAvond4

Date: Friday 24 June
20.30 hrs
room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

Dutch spoken

Nandine van Karnebeek and Nathalie Faber present an evening of artists' presentations, with Annemieke Houben, Amie Dicke, Joost Janmaat & Thijs Middeldorp, Terrie Ex, Bart Kommerij, Bob Fosko & Theo Slagter, Willem van Veldhuizen, Cleo Campert & Gabrielle Provaas, Marten Leurdijk, Job, Joris & Marieke.

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  • BA2 Matthijs Imminck

Date: Friday 23 January
 20.30 hrs
Location: Room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Nathalie Faber and Nandine van Karnebeek present: 
Nachtvanger Sculptures, photographer without camera, Wurzel, Autoportrait, roaring singalong for the whole family, story, truly happened radio fairy tale, Bedroom-rough voice, living the Revolutionary Opera and group picture.

A light soup will be served afterwards for €15 including wine.

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  • foto door P. van Britsom

Date: 22 February, 15.00 hrs
Location: Room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: 7 euros, book your tickets by email to Comité herdenking Februaristaking or by ringing +3120 5287129. This performance is in Dutch

One-off performance of STAAKT.., at the location where February strikers were kept imprisoned.
STAAKT… is a theatrical story about the Amsterdam Februarystrike against the Nazi occupation, which took place in 1941. The story was written by young theatermakers Barbaren&co. It is based on authentic reports and witness statements about the events prior to the strike and about the strike itself.

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  • gipsy poster

Date: Saturday 14 March 2015
Time: 19.30 – 22.00h
What: Gipsy Saloon
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade
Admission: free

Monthly on Saturday a music performance of the Dutch Gipsy band will be held in the restaurant of the Lloyd Hotel or KHL.


  • ZAM doc

Date: 7 March, 16.00 hrs
What: Screening Documentary 'Chameleon'
Venue: Lloyd Zaal, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: FREE, RSVP for a seat here

The legendary undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas and award-winning 'Fair Trade' researcher Selay Kouassi (nominated for 'De Tegel' in 2013) will stay with us on invitation of ZAM Magazine to watch together with you their IDFA documentary Chameleon in the Lloyd Hotel.

Read More about the documentary.


  • we_can_do_it

When: 7 March 2015, 13.00-18.00
A Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon, taking place simultaneously with others around the world.
: Feminists & allies of any gender, with any level of Wikipedia editing experience.
Where: The Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, Oostelijke Handelskade 34, 1019 BN Amsterdam, Netherlands
Why: To address Wikipedia's gender gap
How: A Wikipedia editing tutorial and helpful resources will be provided to beginning editors. Please bring your laptop and power cord.
Admission: FREE, RSVP to the Facebook event so that we know approximately how many people to expect.

Wikipedia's gender trouble is well documented. In a 2011 survey, Wikimedia found that less than 13% of its contributors are female. Content is skewed by the lack of female participation, and many articles on notable women in history and art are absent on Wikipedia. Join us for a day of communal updating of Wikipedia entries on subjects related to art and feminism.

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  • HSJ

Date: Sunday 8 March 2015
Time: 11:00 - 18:30
What: A platform for learning, sharing, discussing our future
Venue: Room 28 + all platforms in the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: FREE

Hope Step Japan! is a platform for learning, sharing and discussing our future, reflecting on Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami of 2011.
Through lectures, screenings and activities, Hope Step Japan! is an opportunity to learn about issues such as people’s real experiences, radiation exposure in the affected areas and alternative energy developments. We aim to create an event which reflects on the disaster allows us to think about our individual actions for the future.

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  • Van_Kniertje_tot_Diva_kmr222

Date: Thursday 3 to Sunday 5 September
Times: 12.00-12.55 hrs, 14.00-14.55 hrs, 16.00-16.55 hrs
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Tickets: book your tickets at 11 euros via Amsterdam Fringe Festival  This is a Dutch spoken event 

Eight prominent dramatists, three remarkable women in regional costume, and Lloyd Hotel rooms come together in this theatrical event where cultural traditions are shared in a new way.

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  • Llove Lamp by Wannes Royaards

‘LLOVE Design”
Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy launches design label

Opening: 13 November
Time: 17:00
Venue: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, room 114

Het Lloyd Hotel is al sinds de opening een stalenkaart van Dutch Design. Om haar 10 jarig bestaan kracht bij te zetten lanceert het hotel daarom nu haar eigen design label: LLOVE Design. Na de eerdere succesvolle ontwikkeling van de Lloyd Tafel*, is de LLOVE lamp van Wannes Royaards het eerste ontwerp dat onder het LLOVE Label wordt uitgebracht. Om de lamp in een juiste omgeving te presenteren kreeg Royaards de opdracht er een ideale hotelkamer omheen te ontwerpen. Op 13 november worden de lamp én de ideale Royaards-kamer aan pers en genodigden gepresenteerd.

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