Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1019 BN, Netherlands


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Date: Sunday 8 March 2015
Time: 11:00 - 18:30
What: A platform for learning, sharing, discussing our future
Venue: Room 28 + all platforms in the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: FREE

Hope Step Japan! is a platform for learning, sharing and discussing our future, reflecting on Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami of 2011.
Through lectures, screenings and activities, Hope Step Japan! is an opportunity to learn about issues such as people’s real experiences, radiation exposure in the affected areas and alternative energy developments. We aim to create an event which reflects on the disaster allows us to think about our individual actions for the future.

A lecture by Ryugo Hayano, an atomic physicist at Tokyo University, is the highlight of the event. His recent book, “Shiro to suru koto”, has drawn much attention in Japan. In it, Hayano states that radiation levels in Fukushima are much less than Chernobyl. Does this mean that Fukushima is now safe? With so many different stories today, it is difficult to know for sure what the truth is. By inviting Hayano, we can learn from his scientific research and personal experience about the situation of people in damaged areas. We believe that it is important to know what remains dangerous and discuss what can be done from the Netherlands. Alongside lectures, there will be alternative-energy workshops, information booths from support groups, Japanese food stands and performances.
We close our event with a film screening of “Super Local Hero” (90min, director: Toshinori Tanaka, English subtitles). Enjoy your Sunday with family and friends by learning, discussing, tasting and chatting at Hope Step Japan! and also in the beautiful Lloyd Hotel cafe. It is time to reflect on the Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami of four years ago and think about our future together.

We hope to see you on Sunday 8th March!

11.00 Opening
11.10 Skype talk | “The Community-based Small Hydraulic Power and other Green Energies in Japan; the widespread and the challenges” by Masaru Nakajima, the secretary-general of J-WatER (Japanese Water Energy Research Center)
12.30 Skype talk | “The Situation in Fukushima,Japan’s Energy Policy” by Akiko Yoshida, Friends of the Earth Japan
14.00 Performance | “The interview for fuurtes” by Niko Bocev, Philip Versluis, Hikaru Angelopoulos, Ayumi Matsuda
14.45 Presentation | “Fukushima Accident — a personal recollection of an ‘antimatter’ physicist“ by Ryugo Hayano
16.00 Discussion | “How do we reach ‘actual facts’?” with Ryugo Hayano
17.00 Screening | Film “Super Local Hero” (90 min, director: Toshinori Tanaka, English subtitles)

Workshop | “Jumping-Power Plant” by Team HSJ
Report | “Four years after Fukushima: Chronicle and Movies of Gloomy Truth” by HSJ accusation team
Photo exhibition | “Animals left inside the no-go zone and people who help them” by Animal Rights for Japan
Hope Step Market | Various yummy food and creative goods! Also check out delicious new menu in the Lloyd restaurant.
Opening of exhibition | “Repairing Earthquake Project” by Nishiko (The exhibition is on view till 22 March)