Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1019 BN, Netherlands

Masashi Sueta

Fashion Designer

In between navigating his three adorable kids in Room 27 of the Lloyd Hotel, fashion designer Masashi Sueta introduces us to his fashion collection HiHiHi. Mashasi’s work is beautifully structural and created from various materials including a recycled mosquito net (amazingly dyed in pale blues and soft pinks) and luxurious organic cotton. From his studio in Kagoshima City Masashi draws inspiration from Japanese nature and traditional Japanese fashion forms such as the kimono, seen in his knee-length navy jackets with reindeer-horn brooches. Hihihi’s range of striking (extra long) cotton scarves are hand-painted by a close friend of Masashi from the island of Nii Ōshima. Although Hihihi is widely distributed throughout Japan this is the brand’s debut in Europe.


MONO JAPAN is a Japanese craft & design fair and cultural event taking place at the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy from 5-7 February 2016.

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