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Mirik Milan


Posted on 11/12/2013 by lisa

Can you introduce yourself?
I’m Mirik Milan. I’ve organized events in Amsterdam for the last 10 years, from avant garde parties and Amsterdam Fashion Week, to Nuit Blanche and Rauw. For the last two years I’ve been the Night Mayor of Amsterdam.

What are your duties as the night mayor?
I advise local authorities about making policies to enhance Amsterdam’s nightlife. A fertile nightlife draws creative industries, which in turn helps to make the entire city more vibrant and dynamic. The most important accomplishment is the introduction of the 24 hour licenses – 10 locations have them now.

Next up on the agenda is introducing the concept of the night mayor to other cities. That’s the reason why I’m on my way to Berlin right now. We’ll be speaking about creative industries, nightlife and city planning with architects, social entrepreneurs, and people involved in nightlife. You can find out more about our Berlin trip by following the Twitter hashtag #PDZBerlijn.

Friday is the 10th anniversary of the Rauw party series. What’s going to set this edition apart from the others.
Friday is a charity party to benefit the Orange Babies charity. What’s really interesting about this particular edition is that we have two world-famous DJs – Javier de Rosnay, of Justice, and Erol Alkan – who personally insisted on playing, and who are doing it totally for free. A lot of DJs out there only think about the money, so it’s a good sign there are still DJs willing to think beyond themselves.

What does Orange Babies do?
Orange Babies is an organization that helps babies in Africa that are infected with HIV/AIDS. It provides information and medicine, as well as building orphanages, maternity clinics and shelters. It was set up by the House of Orange, an agency that manages hair, makeup and photography for high fashion.

How did you get involved with them?
Because of the House of Orange, Orange Babies is heavily connected with the nightlife and creative scene. In addition to that, HIV/AIDS is a hot issue in the gay community, so there’s also that connection.

Looking back on the last 10 years of Rauw, what was one of the major highlights?
The first time Justice ever played in Holland was in 2005, at the former Club 11. At that time the trains in Belgium were on strike, so they [Javier de Rosnay and Gaspard Auge] couldn’t get from France to Amsterdam. They took a cab to Charles De Gaulle Airport, but then couldn’t get a flight. They finally took a cab all the way from Paris to Amsterdam, and arrived five minutes before their set started. That was the beginning of our amazing relationship with Justice.

Especially since this is the last year of Club Trouw, what’s next on the radar for Rauw?
We’ve changed locations a couple of times from Club 11 to Melkweg to Sugar Factory and finally to Trouw, so there’s definitely the possibility we’ll find a new place for Rauw this year. We’re the last of the Mohicans when it comes to the electrohouse sound, but we’ve got a hardcore fan base and a lot of energy to push it for the coming years.

Find out more about Rauw at their website: www.rauwblog.nl
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