Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1019 BN, Netherlands



Suzanne Oxenaar and Otto Nan win “Best Client” at the Dutch Design Awards
Studio INAMATT is a finalist in Spatial Design for its work in Hotel The Exchange

Suzanne Oxenaar and Otto Nan, founders of Amsterdam’s Hotel The Exchange, received the distinction of Best Client at the Dutch Design Awards. Oxenaar and Nan were described as “clients of the future”, and were praised for their curiosity, creativity and understanding of the partnership between client and designer. The pair conceived of Hotel The Exchange’s core concept as a hotel with a special love for fashion and the notion of “dressing rooms like models”.
Oxenaar and Nan have a history of collaborating with artists, designers and architects to produce innovative spaces. The duo founded the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam, the temporary Llove Hotel in Tokyo, as well as Hotel The Exchange’s cafe Stock and its store OPTIONS!. The award jury commended Oxenaar and Nan for seeking out “people who show courage, not just developers and designers, but also banks and financiers. With a limited marketing budget, they can still create a unique look and quality of design.”
The Best Client Award credits clients that foster excellent relationships with their designers, and testifies to the value of creative collaboration in product and interior design. In its deliberations, a jury of international experts takes into account an organization’s sense of cooperation, its scope of creativity, and the extent to which design is linked to its strategic objectives.
Hotel the Exchange received additional recognition for its experimental approach to interior design. Ina Meijer and Matthijs van Cruijsen of Studio INAMATT, finalists in the Spatial Design category, were nominated for their “completely new perspective” on Hotel The Exchange’s interior spaces. The pair were lauded for breaking with traditional roles to act as the “directing designers” of a team of students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI).

In the category of Best Client, Hotel The Exchange was joined by runners-up Heineken, Frozen Dutch, the Dutch National Ballet and Schiphol Airport. The jury was chaired by Joop Sistermans and consisted of Diana Krabbendam, Joost Steins Bishop, Rita Hattum, Renee Weaver, Wijtse Rodenburg, Robert Frank and Jan Marringa Lina. Now in its 10th year, the Dutch Design Awards are globally prestigious awards that represent the best in Dutch design, with a particular emphasis on design that is socially significant.