Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1019 BN, Netherlands


Lloyd Hotel's Cultural Embassy offers a stage to longrunning interdisciplinary art projects.The young design collective STEINBEISSER is one of them. Since 2011 they have organised specials here on contemporary jewellery, design, fashion, contemporary dance, and experimental gastronomy.

Dinie Besems, Gisbert Stach, Fabrizio Tridenti, Leonor Hipólito, Marijke Schurink, Monika Brugger, Marzena Krzeminska, Simon Tanguy, Kei Kagami

The collaboration with STEINBEISSER kicked off with the threeday exhibition 'Sieradenkoorts', followed in October by an installation of in oktober 2011 Marijke Schurink, 'Sierbarium nr.1'. The year ended with a retrospective exhibition of ten year shoe design by the Japanese designer Kei Kagami. The Financial Times mentioned the show in its article: ´Shoes on Show´.

Gitte Nygaard, Julia Manheim, Karin Roy Andersson, Nicolas Cheng, Alexander Gershberg, Maki Okamoto, Debbie Wijskamp, Monika Brugger, Maarten Baptist

Inspired by a quote of artist Louise Bourgeois, ´I Do. I Undo. I Redo´, STEINBEISSER fashioned new couture from second hand men's wear from Fundus shops of the German Red Cross. The fashion was shown around Easter.

During a weekend in June 2012 STEINBEISSER put on a show under the title 'A Matter of Act - Sustainability in Contemporary Jewellery', with work of Gitte Nygaard, Julia Manheim, Karin Roy Andersson and Nicolas Cheng.

In July 2012 STEINBEISSER presented its first dinnerparty, 'Experimental Gastronomy'. With chef Alexander Gershberg, dinner gear by Maki Okamoto, bowls and displays of black paper pulp by Debbie Wijskamp.

From 7 to 9 September the Tower was the scene of a solo exhibition by conceptual jewellery artist Monika Brugger: Au Bout du Doigts / Mit Fingerspitzengefuehl

"her art involves an interrogation between the agreed word and the thing made" wrote Pierre-Damien Huyghe.

Maarten Baptist, Maki Okamoto, Bini Sherman, Jin Hyun Jeon

Experimental Gastronomy
Dinner guests of the spring edition in May of the gastronomical plant-based five star dinner, ate with featherlight Open Air cutlery of designer Maarten Baptist and challenging cutlery of Maki Okamoto. Baptist graduated on his Open Air cutlery in 2002 at the Design Academy Eindhoven. This is one of the seven sets he designed for his graduation. All were inspired by the personalities of his friends. Hij studeerde met dit bestek af in 2002 aan de Design Academy Eindhoven.

Bini Sherman was chef / curator of the menu of the August edition at which the sensual cutlery was used of Korean designer Jin Hyun Jeon.