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The Lloyd’s history with Bragigand goes way back, when Artistic Director Suzanne Oxenaar asked him to design the popular Red Bar for the hotel in 2008. Complete with a mirror ball in the centre of the space and mostly standing-only places, the Red Bar demanded a kind of presence from guests. It wasn’t a place to get comfy, it was a place to move and socialise. Similarly, Bragigand’s latest work is a challenge to becoming comfortable in the world, one that, according to Bragigand ‘stopped being understandable at some point’.

Bragigand is quite singular in his ethos of resisting the excess of daily life. Where many see opportunities for breaking down to simply rebuild again, Bragigand sees opportunity for restoration as deeply meaningful. To this end he appropriates garbage, industrial leftovers and other ‘discarded’ objects – as part of a restoration method he finds adaptable to any situation. This ethos of restoration is encapsulated in a body of his work titled ‘Restoration of the Daily Life’ and a political statement about the world ripe for renewal not destruction.