Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy: Design Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Nord-Holland, 1019 BN, Niederlande
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Das Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy ist das erste Hotel der Welt das Zimmer von 1 bis zu 5 Sternen anbietet. Das Hotel entstand aus der Neugier heraus die kulturellen Hintergründe der Gäste zu ergründen, aus dem Verlangen eine Verbindung zwischen der niederländischen Kultur und unseren Gästen zu schaffen und dem Wunsch, das sich jeder Gast willkommen fühlt.


Initiators of Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy are Otto Nan, Suzanne Oxenaar, Liesbeth Mijnlief and Gerrit Groen.

In the mid nineties, a debate was going on in the cultural scene about the international position of Amsterdam. The main thought was that more energy should be put into regaining a prominent position in the international arts field.

At the same time, the city council started to develop ambitious plans to rejuvenate the Eastern Docklands area, which had lost its harbour function and was used mainly by squatters who improvised housing and workspace in the large warehouses.

Oxenaar and Nan combined these 2 current events into a plan for a 1-to-5 star hotel, with a strong emphasis on cultural visitors. Hence a Cultural Embassy, which would normally represent Dutch culture abroad. Lloyd Hotel’s Cultural Embassy represents Dutch culture in Amsterdam, and organises the exchange with the cultures of the guests from all over the world.

It took the initiators 8 years to form a team, attract investors and organise the building works. A combination of private investors and a housing corporation provided the financial solidity that was needed to make the plan succeed.

December 2011 saw the launch of a new hotel by initiators Suzanne Oxenaar, Otto Nan and Gerrit Groen in Amsterdam: Hotel The Exchange.


Henk de Lugt Award for General Manager Piet Boogert (November 2017)
Dutch Design award for Best Client (October 2012)
Time Out magazine award for Best Hotel (October 2010)
Benno Premsela prize awarded to Suzanne Oxenaar (November 2009)
Vredeman de Vriesprijs (November 2006)
Talent du Luxe (November 2006)
Amsterdam Prize awarded to Claudy Jongstra (January 2006)