Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy - Amsterdam, Nord-Holland, 1019 BN, Niederlande


  • every-falling-star

Date: Friday 30 September
Time: 19:30 hours
Location: The Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free, please RSVP to book your seat

At 16, Sungju Lee was able to escape from North-Korea, crossing the border to China. The book he wrote about his childhood, Every Falling Star, comes out in September. Lee will present his book and talk about his experiences of being an abandoned child in Hwasong, North-Korea, surviving on the streets in a gang.

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  • roth

Date: Saturday 1 October
Time: 21:00 - 22:00 hours
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free, RSVP to the Cultural Embassy

A book reading session from the work of Jewish writer, novelist, journalist, essayist Joseph Roth (1894 – 1939), who described the cosmopolitan, tolerant and doomed culture of the last days of the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary. The readers are literary scientists from prestigious universities, such as the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, the Sorbonne University in Paris and the LiteraturHaus in Vienna as well as the Flemish Roth-translator, Els Snick.

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  • Steinbeisser

Date: 7 - 9 October 
Time: from 19:00 hours
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy 
Admission: 6-course tasting menu with wine or juice pairing € 125, for reservations contact info@steinbeisser.org

Chef Jef Schuur and chef Luc Kusters prepare an all-organic and purely plant-based 6-course tasting menu in a unique collaboration. Specially designed cutlery, glassware and plates will pair the menu. What emerges is a total experience that not only showcases contemporary gastronomy on the highest level but it also puts design, gastronomy and nature in a thrilling context. 

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  • AFRO House

Date: 21 - 23 October
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free

The Afro House Sessions - In cooperation with BlackStereo Records and partners.

Unifying Afro House DJ's, producers and artists, bringing positive attention to this exciting genre and adding diversity to ADE.

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  • Poppetjes1

Date: 1 March – 30 June
Time: -
Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: Free

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy holds an exhibition on the migration history of the Eastern Docklands area. Between 1921 and 1935 the hotel served as emigrant hotel for shipping company Royal Dutch Lloyd. Thousands of Eastern Europeans emigrated via Lloyd Hotel to Brazil to work on the coffee plantations. The project shows migration has always been a part of human life and is thus related to the current (European) reality. The exhibition is supported by the Event Fund of the Amsterdam City Council, Dutch Culture and Stadsdeel Oost and part of the cultural programme of the EU-chairmanship 2016. ‘Emigrants at Lloyd Hotel’ will run from March to July in the public space of the hotel.


  • Tea_ceremony

In February 2017 the second edition of MONO JAPAN will be held.

MONO JAPAN is a cultural fair of authentic and contemporary Japanese crafts & design. The Japanese word “MONO” means ‘object’ or ‘product’. MONO from Japan renders its own meaning to beauty and logic. With its simplicity, refinement and utter care for quality, Japanese crafts deserve a special place in the design world.

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