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Date: 14 December - 16 January 2018
Time: 10.00 - 18.00 hrs
Location: Room 412, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Admission: free

Romantic representation of the Zaan region as opposed to the way the artist experiences reality.
Van Noord's previous show dates from 2013 at Duncan Stutterheim's location. 
Since then, Van Noord has been making new work. He is a self-made photographer, working with a 4 x 5, 3,5mm plate camera, and sometimes with a digital camera. He makes scans from the photographic plates which he edits into the images on show at 'Great Expectations'. 


Whereas the Amsterdam String Quartet Music Building is the festival centre of the Amsterdam Biennial, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is the festival house: from 27 January to 3 February, all musicians sleep, drink and eat here. On 3 February, the last day, young string quartets (9 to 15 years old) will be taught by the members of the Dudok Quartet in Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam. On this day, the young musicians will experience how it is to play in a string quartet and learn what you have to watch during ensemble playing. The lessons are interspersed with other fun activities and the day ends with a closing concert. Sign up via kwartetdagen@dudokkwartet.nl - even if you don't have your own quartet yet! 


The week before Valentine's Day is Relation Week, in which attention for each other and the relationship is key. During this week, lovers in the Lloyd Rrestaurant will be able to choose a romantic LoveUp menu composed by our own chef to allow them to reflect on their relationship. For example, think of one oyster instead of two: do you give him your partner, or do you prefer to take him yourself? At dinner the couple get a handmade booklet, The Story of Us, in which they can write their collective story. The LoveUp menu costs €37,50 per person. 


From 16 to 19 February, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy welcomes MONO JAPAN, an ode to Japanese craftsmanship and design, for the third time. MONO JAPAN offers Japanese brands a platform to present their work in Europe.

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