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Cultural Embassy


Chitose Ohchi


COO of the Japanese contemporary jewelry gallery ‘O-Jewel’, Chitose Ohchi is here to elaborate on the theme of the current exhibition of which she is the curator, ‘Holland – Japonism’.

This exhibition includes jewelry made by Dutch contemporary artists with Japanese paper. The background goes back to the 17th century when Rembrandt made etchings on Japanese paper. The exhibition has been on show at the Tokyo Art Fair, is travelling to Sapporo International Art Festival and will also go to Karuizawa and maybe to Kyoto.

One day, Ohchi received a wooden box with a camellia carved out. In it, jewellery made of corals, lapis lazuli, feicui, etc. The box was passed on to her and she Ohchi started wondering about the contemporary use of inheritances like these. This made her set up the project ‘Generation’, for which she invited about 10 Dutch artists to make jewellery out of paper.
The works will arrive in Japan at December this year, and will first be shown at the Dutch Embassy Residence in March 2015.