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Cultural Embassy

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Hanako Matsunaga - Ceramics Expert

Hanako Matsunaga has a keen eye for ceramics, much like her grandmother who collected an impressive amount of Arita pottery over many decades. After working as an artist (Hanako studied in The Hague) and assessing the ceramics market in Europe Hanako approached 4th Market, a ceramics producer from the Mie prefecture in Japan to start importing their Bankoyaki products. Bankoyaki ceramics are well known all over Japan - their nabe pan with its unique heat resistance is well loved in Japan, as are their traditional Japanese teapots (Kyusu). Hanako tempered her well-developed passion for traditional Japanese ceramics with pragmatism by first buying a range of 4th Market products and test driving them in her own kitchen. The products passed her strict test for structure, form and practicality. Meet Hanako and see her range of especially selected ceramics in rooms 411 and 412 of the Lloyd Hotel as part of the MONO JAPAN event.

MONO JAPAN is a Japanese craft & design fair and cultural event taking place at the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy from 5-7 February 2016.