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Posted on 24/02/2014 by mylene

‘There hardly ever are miscommunications in music’.

She came to the piano much later than other ‘star children’ like the brothers Jussen or LangLang. Starting with lessons at nine years old, she was on stage in various countries around the world at 12 and found herself winning the prestigious Prinses Christina Concours in 2009, when she was fourteen.

In 2011, BNN broadcast a portrait of her when VALENTINA TÓTH was following a masterclass at the Jehudi Menuhin School. At the Royal Conservatory The Hague she is now in her second year, at the class of teacher Ellen Korver. Her Hungarian roots – she’s 3/8 Hungarian via her father – shine through in her passionate performance of Bartók and Kodály on her debut CD ‘Hungarian Horizon’. The pressure of media attention and the expectations raised by the recognition of her huge talent, do not suit her very well. Also, she does not want to be pinned down as a piano talent only.

Since she was eight, she has been playing in Van den Ende musical productions, and loves singing and acting at least as much as playing the piano. Although she is currently trained at the Musicalwerkgroep in Amsterdam, she envisions a future switch to the more serious drama of muziektheater.
It was photographer Oscar Timmers’ task to express all this bubbling talent in a series of pictures, using Joep van Lieshout’s design of our room 221 as a backdrop.