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Cultural Embassy

Victoria de Pereda and Pierluigi Cattermole - DESIGN CREATIVES


Under the auspices of the Dutch embassy in Madrid a group of Spanish design professionals travelled to Amsterdam last week, staying as guests of the Lloyd Hotel’s Cultural Embassy. They embarked on a whirlwind tour of Dutch design covering Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Delft and Tilburg. The aim was to intensify the cultural relationship between Spain and The Netherlands culminating in an exhibition, event or symposium of Dutch design in the near future in Spain. Amongst the group was Victoria de Pereda, industrial designer and educator and Pierluigi Cattermole, the publishing editor of the well-celebrated Spanish design magazine experimenta. We caught up with both of them right before their exit back to Spain….

What's the aim of your visit to Amsterdam?
We came for an overview of everything going on in design in the Netherlands right now. Our tour focused on the theme ‘design for a better world’ which included aspects of social design, design for well being and the circular economy. We had an intense programme and we viewed some incredible projects.

Which parts of the programme left an impression on you?
Victoria: There were many highlights. One was the project DNA of Charlois that takes place in the underprivileged neighbourhood of Charlois in Rotterdam, known for its immigrant community. The artist-designers live in the neighbourhood and they are in contact with residents in a creative way to collaborate on producing different objects. It’s about integrating immigration through design and it’s more than co-designing, it’s co-living. This was very beautiful and complex. I work in sustainability and therefore Delft institute of Positive design was also a highlight for me. The Waag Society stood out as an interesting model too.

Pierluigi: Marije Vogelzang the food designer, she was a highlight for all of us, it was very emotional. She is actually not a food designer, rather she uses design as a tool to improve the quality of relationships between people. It’s important because we are in a period based on economics, in the future the value will be placed on relationships, for example in the open source community and the sharing economy, so this changes society. Trust will be the capital of the future and things are moving to in a different direction… The world will start to give more tangible value to trust.

Where to from here?
We return to Madrid to get a wide view of everything that happened and decide what can come to Spain. It’s not just about bringing Dutch design to Madrid but also about how to match local design and designers with these projects.