MVRVD were asked to give the building its next transition. It had to be changed back into a hotel after decades of having served as a prison. The architects had the insights and the cunning to come up with radical solutions which freed the building of its past without burying it. MVRDV architects were a young bureau at the time they were approached for Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy. Artistic director Suzanne Oxenaar was impressed with their early projects, such as the headquarters for the Public Broadcasting Company VPRO. The identity and physical shape of its former villas were successfully brought into a radical new building. Projects like these won MVRDV international acclaim and established its leading role in the international architecture scene. The design team for Lloyd Hotel was led by Nathalie de Vries, one of the three principal architects next to Winy Maas and Jacob van Rijs. The team consisted of Fokke Moerel, Stefan de Koning, Sandor Naus, Eline Strijkers, Jeroen Zuidgeest, Stefan Witteman, Ignacio Borrego, Magali Homms, Teun Spruyt, Giselle Löb. The first sketch stems from 1996, the building works started in 1998 and lasted until 2004.

Being a national monument, the exterior of Lloyd Hotel is protected. Within the building, MVRDV carved a void through the volume – from the ground floor restaurant through to the sixth floor, to open up the claustrophobic interior and to create a communal area for guests. They used sustainable methods like densification and inventive re-use of existing structures before embarking on new construction.

It combines intimate spaces with an open plan. The creation of the void resulted in the restaurant and the open plan spaces bathing in natural light.

The open plan spaces – which also house the Cultural Embassy - are surrounded by the 117 rooms. MVRDV also designed a number of bathrooms for three star rooms.

Visser & Van Rijckevorsel filmed the process of transformation by MVRDV for their documentary ‘Lloyd Hotel; history of a building’, which came out in 2005.


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