Architecture Day


09.00 - 19.00 hrs
Guided Tours at 15.00 and 17.00 hrs
Free admission, booking not necessary

This year's theme of Architecture Day is '24hrs Architecture'. The focus is on high profile buildings where something is going on always.

In Amsterdam 45 buildings are open on Sunday 23 June with a special programme.

At Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy you are welcome all day to have a look around the public spaces with work from Richard Hutten, Claudy Jongstra, Anthony Goicolea and Suchan Kinochita and many more designers and artists.

Two guided tours will show hotelrooms of all categories, with among them a room decorated by Ellen ten Damme and photographer Danny Ellinger, and a studio devoted to the fabled New York Chelsea Hotel.

The documentary  ‘Lloyd Hotel, portrait of a building’ by Jeroen Visser and Micaela van Rijckevorsel of 2004, is about the transformation process of the monumental hotel, which was executed around the new millenium by MVRDV architects.

Admission to Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade is free. Day tickets for Architecture Day are available at  several locations.




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