Dutch Masters of the 21th Century

From 12/12/2011 until 31/12/2012

Stationed on the 2nd floor and you can squeeze in with two if you are slim enough: the mini filmcabin of 'Dutch Masters of the 21st Century'. Close the curtain and enjoy the series of 15 minute portraits of contemporary Dutch artists, filmed in their studios by the cream of Dutch filmmakers.

Hans Aarsman, by Robert Oey, Philip Akkerman and David Bade by Hans Hylkema, Tjebbe Beekman,  Marc Bijl and Iris van Dongen by Ditteke Mensink, Teun Hocks and Erik van Lieshout by Pieter Verhoeff, Koos Breukel by Eddy Terstall, Jan Dibbets by Michiel van Nieuwkerk, Natasja Kensmil and Job Koelewijn by René Roelofs, Paul Kooiker by Erik de Bruyn, Joep van Lieshout and Charlotte Schleiffert by Sonia Herman Dolz, Bertien van Manen by Mijke de Jong, Mark Manders by Martijn van Haalen, Jan van Munster by John Appel, Berend Strik by Ineke Hilhorst, Koen Vermeulen by Sherman de Jesus, and herman de vries by Barbara Makkinga.

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