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Welcome to the Cultural Embassy!

Het Danspaleis


Sunday 13 April, 15.00 - 17.00 hrs
Room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
admisssion 2,50 euro

The Breda parquet of the former office at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is so suited for a waltz or foxtrot.
The Danspaleis welcomes you on your own, or with friends, family or neighbours.

Open Tower Day 2014


Saturday 29 March from 10.00 - 16.00 hrs
Tours from 10.00 each half hour. Last guided tour starts at 15.30 hrs. Max 10 people per tour.
Unfortunately the tower is not accessible by wheelchair.
free admission

At Open Tower Day you can climb the wooden spiral staircase of the monumental Lloyd Hotel tower. It was built by architect Evert Breman in an eclectic style with lots of Amsterdam School details, and it was opened in 1921. Once upstairs you will have a breathtaking view of the Eastern Harbour Area.

MasterPeace Guest Room #310


"I believe in MasterPeace. World leaders cannot push back armed conflict alone. We need the whole world to make this happen." - Desmond Tutu

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy are interested in the cultural luggage of international guests and visitors. Often this luggage is the basis of the programme of exhibitions, talks, screenings & shows offered by the Cultural Embassy. Regular guests feel invited to unpack and show their work. This is how a room dedicated to singer Ellen ten Damme and photographer Danny Ellinger came about, and a room of photographer Linda Troeller devoted to the Chelsea Hotel New York.
From 7 March 2014 onwards, room #310 will be devoted to the work of MasterPeace.

Live like a local

From 01/10/2013 until 28/02/2014

From our locally minded restaurant to our inspiring collection of Dutch design, the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is tapped into the cultural and culinary heartbeat of Amsterdam. Our calendar of music, lectures, and special exhibitions is complimented by designs and artworks from over 50 acclaimed Dutch creatives in rooms ranging from 1 to 5 stars.


Best Price Guaranteed
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