Lloyd Digital Lab presents Cities Made By People


Tuesday 7 May, 20.00 - 21.30 hrs
room 28 Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Drinks and tunes at the red bar from 9.30pm onwards with Citinerary DJ Jurgen.

Lloyd Digital Lab presents Cities Made By People, an evening of talks, exhibitions and collaborations from people creating new perspectives on urban life. 

The Lloyd Digital Lab exposes new lines of thinking and creativity emerging from the burgeoning global digital culture landscape. All Lab events take place at the Lloyd Hotel as part of the Cultural Embassy programme.    

Re-imagining the City in the Age of Social Media
Raz Schwartz & Nadav Hochman (New York City)

Raz (pictured right) and Nadav (pictured left) re-imagine cities through their projects, positioned at the intersection of design and computer science. Livehoods was co-developed by Raz as a new way to conceptualize the dynamics, structure, and character of a city using people's check-in patterns. The result was a unique perspective on cities, with each Livehood telling a different story of the people and places that shape it. A second project developed by Nadav and Raz is titled Visualizing Instagram: Tracing Cultural Visual Rhythms. It uses Cultural Analytics visualization techniques for the study of around 550,000 images taken by Instagram users. By analyzing images from New York City and Tokyo, they offer comparative visualizations, revealing unique, local, visual rhythms and a framework for the analysis of location-based visual information flows. razschwartz.net  and nadavhochman.net

Citinerary: a New Way to Visit Cities
Robin Cox (Amsterdam)

We live in a space of constant change and creativity. A space that’s both driven and defined through people: culture, lifestyle, behavior and attitude. A city made by people. City stop-overs make it almost impossible to tap into these cultural patterns. No city map or website can guide you through culture or give you a customized experience. Travel enriches, but mostly through creating an understanding of each other. The Citinerary team ushers in a change to city travel by offering a web-based cultural service by city locals that's personal, customized and sincere. In this way an exchange of lifestyle, culture and knowledge happens between locals and visitors in real life, unlocking the city for both of them. www.citinerary.net 

Trading Post
Andrew Wagner (New York City)

Andrew forms part of Krrb.com, a New York-based web service creating a fun, friendly and safe place to connect with your neighbors for local and in-person commerce. It’s about what's right next door, not a billion anonymous results. On Krrb, you’re not flooded with tons of results coming from who knows where. When listings are fewer and nearby, it creates a cozy environment that helps neighbors get to know neighbors and gives them first dibs on local treasures. Local commerce also means less static and fewer scams. But it’s not only about safety, simplicity and investing in your local community. Actually seeing the item you're buying and hearing the first-hand back story, adds a layer of richness to the transaction that is difficult to replicate online. Andrew will test our neighbourly qualities by bringing a collection of items from New York that will on exhibition in the Lloyd Hotel Library. Everything on display will be "free" to take. But, if you take any item the condition is you leave something in exchange, say what it is and where it comes from. Let’s trade….www.krrb.com 

The Songs we Sing
Elizabeth Demaray (New York City)

Many of our companion species are going extinct and soon we may have to create fictive environments to experience a sense of calm and beauty - especially in an urban context. The Songs we Sing is an environmental installation by American artist Elizabeth Demaray that will be on exhibition at the Lloyd. It considers the concept of a biotope - small environments shared by humans and other species. The piece is about connecting our ecological moment with our cognitive/behavioral functions. It ponders the lack of human companion species in a postindustrial Western landscape, and offers a possible solution. Based on The Songs we Sing installation at the L.C. Bates Museum of Natural History in Waterville ME, 1998, The Songs we Sing attempts to improve the current lack of animal centric sounds in our auditory experience of the natural. www.elizabethdemaray.com

This is where you can participate... 

For the project is currently seeking volunteers to participate in a brief audio recording session on May 6th and 7th. Participants will be invited to make armature birdcalls based upon the songs of birds native to Amsterdam.The Songs cycle is a 20-minute compiled recording of armature birdcalls, collected from visitors to the Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade, Amsterdam.

Each volunteer session will last 15 minutes.
Available time slots are between 4:00pm and 7:00pm on Monday, May 6 th, and 12:00m to 3:00pm on Tuesday, May 7 th at the Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade.
Please e-mail your availability and preferred time slot to demaray [at] camden [dot] rutgers [dot] edu (Elizabeth Demaray )


This is Amsterdam. A slice of. Some of the 238,561 Instagram images Raz Schwartz and Nadav Hochman collected from the city over 2 weeks.  



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