Roommaids of the Lloyd


Thursday 24 April, 20.30 - 21.30 hrs
Room 28, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
free admission, English spoken
RSVP to cultureleambassade [at] lloydhotel [dot] com

An hour of talks and music, with interviews, art and culture. Host is Karin GIphart, with interviews by Bas Sligting and Tamar Tieleman.
This evening's guests are Saskia Noordhuis, initiator of Noordjes Kinderkunst, Roebyem Anders, director Zonline, curators of De Appel Arts Centre on the new exhibition 'Father can't you see I'm burning?', and young creatives of Critical Art Studio Tokio about their project City Tales.

Noordjes Kinderkunst in North Amsterdam, makes children watch, make and present art.

Zonline is a company in solar panels at IJburg, which aims to create a ´Rooftop Revolution´ by connecting as many Dutch households as possible to solar energy.

De Appel Arts Centre opens the exhibition ‘Father Can’t You See I’m Burning?’ on Friday 25 April. The participating artists created new work, sprouting from the question ´What if the art institution goes up in flames?' The program is curated by the six current participants of the Curatorial Program. New works is shown of  Marinus Boezem, Justin Gosker, Jan Hoeft, Krõõt Juurak, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Ieva Misevičiūtė, Robertas Narkus, Michael Portnoy, Jan Rothuizen, Reinaart Vanhoe, Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries, and Katarina Zdjelar.

City Tales is an exhibition in which six young architects and visual creatives present their propositions for a more attractive urban space.This is the outcome of a six-month training program in Shibaura House, Tokyo, with architect, researcher and critic Julian Worrall.



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