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Lloyd Hotel restaurant

Local Treasures
Andrew Wagner forms part of, a New York-based web service creating a fun, friendly and safe place to connect with your neighbors for local and in-person commerce. It’s about what's right next door, not a billion anonymous results. On Krrb, you’re not flooded with tons of results coming from who knows where. When listings are fewer and nearby, it creates a cozy environment that helps neighbors get to know neighbors and gives them first dibs on local treasures.

Lloyd Trading Post
Local commerce also means less static and fewer scams. But it’s not only about safety, simplicity and investing in your local community. Actually seeing the item you're buying and hearing the first-hand back story, adds a layer of richness to the transaction that is difficult to replicate online.

Andrew will test our neighbourly qualities by bringing a collection of items from New York that will on exhibition in the Lloyd Hotel restaurant.

Everything on display will be "free" to take. But, if you take any item the condition is you leave something in exchange, say what it is and where it comes from. Let’s trade….

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