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Welcome to the Cultural Embassy!

Hotel Talkshow


Thursday 26 June, 20.30 - 22.00 hrs
The Salon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
free admission, please rsvp to the cultureleambassade [at] lloydhotel [dot] com (Cultural Embassy)

An hour of talks and music, with guests from the arts and culture who talk to hosts Karin Giphart & Mylène van Noort about their current projects. 
With  Jori Hermsen, founder of Theatre Group Sonja, actress Jessica Zeylmaker with the same group, singer and producer Kirsten Schneider and writer Thomas van Aalten. 

Architecture Day 2014


Sunday 22 June, from 10.00 - 17.00 hrs
Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade
free admission, guided tours at 14.00 and 16.00 hrs, please rsvp to Architecture Day

Architect Evert Breman designed Lloyd Hotel in 1921 as a emigrant hotel. Around the millenium change it was transformed by architect MVRDV into a 1 to 5-star hotel.

At Architecture Day you are most welcome to come and have a look. A documentary with English subtitles about the transformation process will be shown throughout the day.

For more information: Architecture Day.


Rakugo Show


Thursday 19 June, 20.00 hrs
TheSalon, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
free but please rsvp to cultureleambassade [at] lloydhotel [dot] com (subject: Rakugo%20Show)

Japanese stand-up comedy with Master Tōgetsuan Hakushu.
Contrary to the Western stand-up comedy, with Rakugo the comedian kneels on a cushion and does not move for the entire length of the story. All the Rakugo-actor uses as props are a fan and a handkerchief called tenugui. The show has English subtitles.



Wednesday 11 June 20.00 - 22.30 hrs
TheRedBar, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
free but please rsvp to the cultureleambassade [at] lloydhotel [dot] com (Cultural Embassy)

Soccer will only play a minor role in this 4 RedBar event, this time about Brasil. Catch a glimpse of the unseen sides of Brasil with the head editor of GUP photomagazine Peter Bas Mensink, art director Felix Janssens about meaning of a country's colour codes, 'God is a Brazilian', a book by writer Harrie Lemmers and photographer Ana Carvalho, Régis Goncalvez and Jan Nijenhof about their cultural Brasil Club, and Mylène van Noort about 'Zotia Emigrates', a project dealing with Lloyd's historic link with Brasil.

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