Special Projects

These expand on the Lloyd Hotel past and present, which keeps spawning artistic reflections. Their nature differs widely; it can be educational, entertaining, philosophical or of the senses. As they are lengthier, more substantial or more frequent than our other Events, we created this special niche for them.

Slow Lloyd

Lloyd Hotel has been Slow from the start. The citrus tart, the charcuterie, the tramezzini and all else that is edible is made using biological products from local suppliers. The tiles, paint, carpets and wall coverings are made by designers, artists and companies who work with natural products, like Claudy Jongstra, INA, Histor and MOSA. 
As there is always scope to extend the sustainability of Lloyd Hotel, the Cultural Embassy invited slow design expert Carolyn Strauss to start up a research programme in early 2010.

Mixed Media Installation 'Lloyd Life'


The central entrance of the restaurant, opposite the reception desk, leads through a small, unpainted wooden construction with a slightly unhinged door and wobbly floorboards. This is ‘Lloyd Life’, an installation made by Japanese artist Chikako Watanabe in 2009.

Watanabe was the first artist in residence at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy. She produced her installation for the exhibition ‘Holland Mania’, celebrating 400 years of trade and cultural relations between Japan and the Netherlands, at the Lakenhal / Scheltema in Leiden.

Still in Llove

From her first stay in Japan as curator in 1984, Suzanne Oxenaar had been intrigued by the contrast between the formality of the Japanese culture, and the architectural extravaganza’s that she noticed in some of Tokyo’s streets. These were the playful facades of the so-called ‘love hotels’.


Lloyd History

The architecture and large chunks of the interior of Lloyd Hotel bear witness to the fact that this is a building soaked in history. 
Climbing one of the staircases, this history unfolds in film, pictures, and letters.

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