What Design Can Do Exhibition

Date: April 19th - May 30th 
Location: Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam
Admission: free

This exhibition presents the 13 What Design Can Do finalists selected from the 384 entries sent in from 70 countries across all continents. The 13 final projects share an award
pack- age including a production budget and a tailor-made acceleration
program aimed at making their ideas, prototypes or start-ups investment
ready. That’s what we call good news for the planet!

Sneak-a-peek concert with Alim Kurtmemetov

Date: May 25th
Time: 18.00 - 18.30 hrs
Location: Restaurant
Admission: free

Alim Kurtmemetov (Ukraine) will give a sneak-a-peek concert on his Clarinet and Saxophone. Kurtmemetov is the winner of the Surprising Stars 2017 online competition. Alim won the competition with his clarinet solo: Sing Sing Sing. As a result of this he will perform live with the Metropole Orkest at Rabobank Amersfoort Jazz Festival in May 2018. See MO Big Band plays Monk for more information.

Surprising Stars: online music competition is part of Give Music a Future, a cooperative project co-funded by Creative Europe

Schrijvers uit Oost (Dutch spoken)

Datum: 27 mei
Tijd: 14:00 tot 17:00
Locatie: Kamer 28
Admission: tickets te koop via www.boekendooroost.nl

Een afwisselende middag met interviews en schrijvers die vertellen over de achtergrond van hun schrijverschap. De schrijvers lezen bovendien nieuw werk voor waarin het stadsdeel een rol speelt en dat ze speciaal schreven voor de derde bundel van Schrijvers uit Oost, Door Oost.

M.m.v. Marijke Schermer, Henk Spaan, Auke Kok, Joyce Roodnat en Melle Maré Derksen.

Interviews: Maaike Bergstra, Teuntje Klinkenberg en Jessica Swinkels


Date: June 5th - 6th
Time: 19:00 hrs
Location: Room 28 
Admission: book your seat via info@steinbeisser.org 

Steinbeisser brings celebrated chef Alexandre Gauthier to Lloyd Hotel
Plant-based Fine Dining

On 5 and 6 June Steinbeisser and Lloyd Hotel will bring renowned French chef Alexandre
Gauthier from two Michelin-starred restaurant La Grenouillère to Amsterdam. For this editionof ​Experimental Gastronomy ​ he will serve an entirely plant-based tasting menu in
collaboration with ten artists who will create unusual cutlery and tableware especially for thisoccasion. ​Experimental Gastronomy ​ is a unique immersive experience that offers an excitingand radically different way to enjoy food.

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Holland Festival

Date: June 7th - 30th
Time: Thursday - Saturday 15:00 hrs - 24:00 hrs
           Sunday - Wednesday 17:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs
Location: Lloyd Tower
Admission: free, please reserve spot via +31205237787 

Longplayer is a cyclical composition for singing bowls which lasts a thousand years. The piece started playing on 31 December 1999 at midnight, and – if it all goes well – will complete its cycle on the last second of the year 2999. The work, conceived and composed by Jem Finer, can be heard as an electronic sound installation at listening posts in London and San Francisco, as well as via a live-stream and app. For this edition of the Holland Festival, Longplayer can be experienced in the tower of the Lloyd Hotel, with a magnificent 360 view of Amsterdam. One person may enter for half an hour. The meditative sound of the singing bowls never repeats. Longplayer brings together ancient instruments and modern technology in a work that encourages you to contemplate time and life.  

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Lets Talk Money

Date: June 18th 
Time: 15:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs 
Location: Room 28 
Panel chairman: Mechtild van den Hombergh
Admission: sign up via mdoppert@theprospector.net
Language: Mainly English

Creative Entrepreneurship: Possibilities for Sustainability & Growth

We all know them personally; artists and creative entrepreneurs jumping from one grant to another. One thing is clear: it is not easy to earn money in the creative sector. Especially in regions like the Middle East where subsidy systems are missing. Therefore The Prospector will organize an expert meeting on Monday 18th June. We will discuss the following issues:

•           What are the economic needs of a cultural entrepreneur across the different phases of their productive life?

•           What are the financial options and how can funds and investors respond to this?

Breaking News

Date: June 23rd
Time: 10:00 - 17:00 hrs
Location: Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam
Admission: tickets via We Make The City 

What is the story that you think should be told about the city? Breaking News is a unique chance to be part of the largest front page of Amsterdam.

ACED lets you, together with 40 participants, think about the news of the future in a creative and unique way, through an exclusive workshop where all participants have the opportunity to express their independent opinion and vision about the city.

The program takes place in one of the beautiful spaces of Lloyd Hotel where every participant literally has one square meter to tell his or her story. This can be done with text, image, paint, sound, performance or a light show. How you want to shape the news of the future is on you. All individual contributions together form one collective front page.

The emphasis of the workshop will be - besides formulating a sharp message - mainly on a creative and visual translation of this. You will be guided in this by a team of professional journalists, designers and coaches. Coffee, tea and lunch are included for all participants.

Interested to participate in this program? Make sure you get hold of a festival pass via the website of We Make The City. After purchasing the festival pass you can register for this workshop free of charge.

Open Day

Date: June 24th
Time: 12:00 - 20:00 hrs 
Location: Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam
Admission: free

During our Open day, Lloyd Hotel nvites Amsterdam in to discover the its building and renewed terrace!

Classic concerts are given on surprising locations scattered over the building. With Club Classique plays Roadtrip la Bohème, more to be announced.

DuPho. Dutch Photographers
An exposition of the series OURGRID by photographer Jaap van de Beukel is on display in the Lloyd restaurant. OURGRID is a documentation of the explosively growing group of teenagers on the isles of IJburg.

Holland Festival
The tower is opened for a select audience to the 1000-year compositionLongplayer. To experience this music, 1 person may enter for 30 minutes. We are offering extra time slots during our Open Day. Reservations are required and possible from Monday 18 June.

Guided tours are given through the building. Reservation is also required for this and possible from Monday 18 June. Stay tuned for the opening of this e-mail address.

Open Day is organized as part of WeMakeThe.City Festival, a city-wide festival that showcases the diversity of Amsterdam. 

We will also present our renewed terrace to Amsterdam with children entertainment and lovely food!