Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade: Design Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam, 1019 BN, Nederland


Meer dan veertig designers en kunstenaars werkten aan het interieur. Sommigen is gevraagd om werk te creëren dat het verleden van het gebouw reflecteert, maar tegelijkertijd vernieuwend en inspirerend is. In andere gevallen is het interieur gebaseerd op rustige en simpele luxe waar de initiatiefnemers naar op zoek waren.


  • Natalie Faber

MVRDV was founded in 1993 by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries in Rotterdam. Still a young agency at the time, in 2004 they were approached by our artistic director, Suzanne Oxenaar to transform the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy. MVRDV is now a 70-strong studio with international projects and global acclaim.

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  • joep-van-lieshout

An internationally acclaimed designer, Van Lieshout’s Lloyd bathroom design and 8-person bed in our Rough Music Room have become Lloyd icons. He runs Studio Van Lieshout based in Rotterdam. His work has been featured in international art and design collections including the Stedelijk Museum, Fondazione Prada, Art Basel and Frieze.

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  • profielfoto

Jongstra is well known for her emphasis on bio-diversity and the preservation of natural and cultural heritage through her felted creations. Her ‘Cherry Blossom’ felted shutters can be seen on the South-facing side of the hotel. Her work has been exhibited globally in (amongst others) Victoria & Albert Museum, the Stedelijk Museum and MoMA.

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  • JoNagasakeLloyd_MG_5052

Japanese architect and designer Jo Nagasaka from Schemata Architects has been collaborating with us since 2010 when our Llove Hotel project was launched in Tokyo. His Flat Table series, featured at Salone del Mobile, can be seen in the restaurant.

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  • ChristophSeyferthLloyd_MG_5896

Seyferth designed designed the interior of 30 monumental rooms at the North side of the building.

These are the smallest rooms which could not to be altered during renovations, and were not able to accommodate a wardrobe. Seyferth came up with an efficient design which enabled guests to make it their personal space.

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  • profielfoto

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is rife with Richard Hutten design: his Zzzidt side table/light, his Switch lamp, Thing 7 bench, Poeff seat, apple green 3 minus 1 desk, his Bed is Room bed. Unique is the Lloyd Bar, which Hutten developed especially for Lloyd Hotel

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  • 1A-Scholten-en-baijings

The Amsterdam-based design duo Scholten & Baaijings created the brightly coloured mural in Lloyd meeting room the "Lloyd Zaal". They were also responsible for the 2010 pop-up "Llove Hotel" in Tokyo in 2010, for which they designed an "infertility room".

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  • WannesRoyaardsLloyd_MG_5168

Royaards' iconic bedside light is usually combined with night table in the same style. It was originally conceived as a Christmas Tree around 2000, when highgloss aluminium first became available. Later it was developed into a light looking like a pictogram.

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  • Marcel-Wanders-115361.XL

Spread out over public spaces, hallways and a number of hotelrooms are furniture objects by Marcel Wanders. Lights, sofas, benches, chairs.
Notably his VIP Chair in Divina Melange Wool, which was designed for the Dutch pavilioin at the World Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany. This was the same event that marked the breakthrough of the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy architects, MVRDV.

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  • piet_hein_eek-300x285

Eek’s Crisis Bed for children and his Rocking Chair are used at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy for they fit in perfectly with a building dense with stories and details.
Piet Hein Eek advocates that you should work with the materials at hand. For him, this meant he started designing chairs from matches. At his graduation show at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1990 he attracted attention with his Scrapwood Cupboards. He was interested in the aesthetics and functionality of imperfect materials. Twenty years on, he runs an international company making scrapwood furniture. His design philosophy is still the same: to make unusual objects using simple production methods.

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  • 2-star room - Rob t Hart

Bureau Lakenvelder
Design of 68 bathrooms

  • happylamps_2

Sander Wassink
'A series of lamps that incorporates the diversity of reclaimed glass and ceramics into their production process, making every single lamp that is produced unique.'

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  • rensdesso

rENs & Desso
Design of several carpets - 'The hand crafted process means that each time, the designers are interpreting the mix of dye and yarn and creating an individual work of art.'

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  • lloyd design icons (7)

Ineke Hans
Peg, commissioned hall bench, chairs, tables and children's furniture

  • HR_Platform_-_credit-_Franklin_Schaper_der_Alderwe

Tejo Remy
'rag chair', 'milk bottle lamp'

  • Lloyd_chair

Gerald van der Kaap
Lloyd Hotel project adviser, photo: 'Free'

  • lloyd (65)

Wim Doorschodt & Sarah Enoch
Cupboards made of the original prison doors which where used during the period when the Lloyd Hotel was a prison

  • ship lighting

Hans van Bentum
crystal chandelier 'Ship'

  • Kersenbloesemmetbeerenblotevoet

Eiko Ishizawa
Cherry blossom wood

  • lloyd design icons (24)

Victor P. Wiertz
routing and numbering hotel

  • lloyd design icons (1)

Chika Watanabe
Lloyd Life art installation / entry restaurant

  • 4 star

Black switch

  • library

Karel de Bazel (1869-1923)
Chairs, tables

  • lloyd design icons (22)

homerolled dust ball, concept nomadic library

  • lloyd design icons (9)

Dom H. van der Laan

  • lloyd design icons (18)

Erik Slothouder
childrens furniture

  • lloyd design icons (14)

Studio Job
design hotelroom

  • lloyd design icons (11)

van Lensvelt
several furniture