Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade: Design Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam, 1019 BN, Nederland

Jo Nagasaka

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Jo Nagasaka: Flat Table, coloured epoxy resin, wood, 2014. Commissioned by Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

In his work, Japanese architect Nagasaka pioneers with innovative repurposing techniques.

For the Flat Table, a series of antique wooden boards were used, in which holes were made to create unevenness in the surfaces. By pouring epoxy onto the uneven surface, the Flat Table’s light-dark quality was achieved.

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Carpets by Jo Nagasaka

The two carpets in Lloyd Restaurant are created by Jo Nagasaka and Shogo Kishino. On first impression they appear to be just normal carpets, but take a closer look and the images of two people appear.

'My idea was to take advantage of the sufficient height of this open space in designing the carpet. I wanted to apply a graphic image that only appears to be an accumulation of colored squares when seen from a close distance, but gradually reveals the image when seen from a certain distance on the upper floor, as it gets blurred to a certain degree.

I asked Shogo Kishino to design the image, as he is very good at designing "hazy" graphic images that one perceives before clear recognition.' Jo Nagasaka

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Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy and Nagasaka set up the temporary Llove Hotel Tokyo in 2010, supported by the Dutch Embassy and the Nara prefecture. Llove Hotel was an experimental art project where guests could stay overnight.

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