Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade: Design Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam, 1019 BN, Nederland

Richard Hutten

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Richard Hutten‘Princess on a Pea’ bed, 2004. Lloyd Bar and Light, 2009. Steel, glass, tiles, halogen. Commissioned by Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is rife with Richard Hutten design: his Zzzidt side table/light, his Switch lamp, Thing 7 bench, Poeff seat, apple green 3 minus 1 desk, his Bed=Room bed. Unique is the Lloyd Bar, which Hutten developed especially for Lloyd Hotel (pictured above, right).

The design had to include a lamp, which could not be fixed to the ceiling. The resulting ultra-flexible lamp opens up like a bouquet of flowers. Internationally, Hutten is a key exponent of Dutch Design. He has been involved with DROOG design from the start in 1993. His work is both functional and funny. His clients include Karl Lagerfeld and Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and his work has been exhibited worldwide.


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The 'Domoren' cup designed by Richard van Hutten, available in the Lloyd shop.

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Bench designed by Richard Hutten

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With a nod to the Andersen fairy tale the ‘Princess on a Pea’ bed, is a series of mattresses playfully stacked together.

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Our collaboration with Richard Hutten extends beyond the Lloyd Hotel to other projects such as the ‘LLOVE Hotel Tokyo’, with architect Jo Nagasaka in 2010. Eight Dutch and Japanese designers created a Llove hotel room; a play on the ‘love hotel’ phenomenon in Japanese cities. It was acquired by MOTI museum Breda and shown in the exhibition ‘Grand Hotel; Redesigning Modern Life’, in the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2013.
Pictured above is Lloyd Hotel artistic director Suzanne Oxenaar with Richard Hutten in his studio in Rotterdam.