Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade: Design Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam, 1019 BN, Nederland

Scholten & Baijings

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Scholten & Baaijings, room 14 and meeting room Commissioned by Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, 2008

The Amsterdam-based design duo Scholten & Baaijings transformed one of our 4-star rooms for the annual Elle Deco event 'Inside Design' in 2008 (pictured below, far right)
The room is divided into three zones, in shades of pink and green: a carpeted entrance with grid-patterned wall, a bathroom with two cupboards and massive doors that can be closed to create privacy.

The sleep zone includes 100% merino wool carpet and bed covers. Transparent curtains and a slightly tilted mirror over the bed create an intimate space. Scholten & Baaijings were also involved in the ‘Llove Hotel Tokyo’ project of 2010, for which they designed an ‘infertility hotel room’ (pictured below).
At Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, the meeting room ‘Lloyd Zaal’  (pictured above, right) has a brightly coloured mural by Scholten & Baaijings.


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Llove Hotel room designed by Scholten & Baaijings.

  • Scholten&Baijings room

Llove Hotel room designed by Scholten & Baaijings.

  • 14 - Scholten & Baijings

Lloyd Hotel room 14 designed by Scholten & Baaijings.