Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade: Design Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam, 1019 BN, Nederland



Time: 20.00
Admission: free

"Save the Arts: They are inherently valuable and they are also what is going to get us out of this economic problem we are in."

Lecture performance by Angela Bartholomew, VU research Master student

In conjunction with a series of seminars and reading sessions to elaborate, explicate, and exemplify Hannah Arendt's key essay, "The Crisis in Culture: Its Social and Its Political Significance", Vrije Universiteit Research Master student, Angela Bartholomew, will present a lecture performance entitled, Save the Arts: They're inherently valuable...and they’re also what’s going to get us out of this economic problem we’re in. Given the dire status of arts funding in the Netherlands, Save the Arts intends to bring the delusive expectations put on contemporary art into context.
Today, art is expected to act, to have a function, to spur realizations, inspire, and incite change.Taking the audience on an art odyssey, Angela will look at various works of contemporary art in terms of their 'benefit to society'-- benefits derived from claims made by the U.S. to defend arts funding in 1957 (the times of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the red scare of Communism)—and modified with arguments from recent discourse around 'what art is' and 'who art is for'. Arguing that Andy Warhol's Electric Chair has had a direct effect on lowering crime in London; that with her recent MOMA exhibition Marina Abramovic has been an effective job creator (for otherwise out of work young art school graduates); and that Wim T. Schippers' Peanut Butter Floor is a public display of solidarity and a gesture of friendship from the Dutch to the Americans (the world's other peanut-butter-loving nation), this lecture aims to spur discussion about what exactly it is about art that we want to save, and what we have already lost. The evening will also coincide with the presentation of short publications from other Vrije Universeit students from artist Jeremiah Day's international seminar.

Program of the evening:

8:00 Short Introduction to lecture and Crisis in Culture Project

8:10 Save the Arts: They are inherently valuable and they are also what is going to get us out of this economic problem we are in.
a Lecture by Angela Bartholomew

8:50 Presentation of publications by Master's Students

9:00 Close of program and invitation to drinks