Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade: Design Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam, 1019 BN, Nederland

GIPSY SALOON 2013 - 2014

From 11/01/2014 until 22/06/2014

17 May with BAGDALO
Restaurant, Lloyd Hotel, from 19.00 hrs
free admission

Gipsy Music at the Oostelijke Handelskade

Saturday nights with top orchestras of the Dutch Gipsy Scene

Gipsy Music from the heart of Europe, with Eastern, Russian, Yiddish, Latin and Arab influences. Music which is the ideal accompaniment to food! The performances take place either at the restaurant of KHL or that of Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.

As early as 1921 Gipsy Music played at the Oostelijke Handelskade. Sinti and Roma for whom Lloyd Hotel was their last stop before boarding ship to South-America, plucked the strings of their guitars and sang of homesickness and desire.
Fifteen years ago the KHL brought back their music by staging Dutch gipsy bands.

In 2013 and 2014 Gipsy Bands will play twice a month at either location: worldmusic at dinner.

At the Gipsy Saloon Blog you will find filmed performances.

PROGRAMME FROM 19.00 hrs - 22.00 hrs

17-5-2014 Bagdalo Lloyd Hotel
31-5-2014 Servus KHL

14-6-2014 Lautarii Lloyd Hotel
28-6-2014 Afsluitend optreden orkesten KHL