Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade: Design Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam, 1019 BN, Nederland

Hope Step Japan!

Programme 2016

Lecture room (room 28)

13.30 Open

14.10 Presentation Energy and kids! ~ THINK about Energy with children~ — in collaboration with OBS de Dongeschool by Niko Bocev, Philip Versluis, Hikaru Angelopoulos, Ayumi Matsuda and Utako Arakawa

15.30 Presentation “Nuclear versus renewable energy; what can you do to stop climate change? —by Andries Tieleman

16.30 Discussion Discussion —with Andries Tieleman and HSJ Fact Seekers

18.00 Cinema Asahiza, Ningen wa Doko he Iku —2013 74min, director: Hikaru Fujii, English subtitles

All day

Hope Step Flea Market (in the Salon & Lloyd room)

• Be POWERful —by Jumping—Power Plant (HSJ) & Gabey Tjon a Tham
• Rebuild Fukushima —by Dagmar van Wersch & Bert Hana (14:30/16:00)

RIKUZENTAKATA DAILY LIFE 2014 —by Leo van der Kleij

Video interview
5 Years BEFORE&AFTER Fukushima, and our Future —with Tetsunari Iida, Director of Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP) by HSJ Fact Seekers

Half decade after Fukushima: Chronicle and Movies of the Gloomy Truth —by HSJ Fact Seekers

Chronology of the Disaster —Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear —by HSJ Fact Seekers

2nd hand book + special goods —by Hope Step Japan!

Tasty food stands

Lloyd Restaurant

*Program subject to alterations. Please check the website for more information.