Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy: Design Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam, 1019 BN, Nederland


“Very welcoming, good quality and service, inspiring and innovative. We have had 3 amazing weekends. Highly recommended!“ - De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek

“The platforms at the Lloyd Hotel were the ideal place for the press launch of Garnier. Design, light and art formed the perfect match with the brand.” - Annika Drion, L’Oreal

“The great collaboration with the staff of the Lloyd hotel made our annual partners’ meeting a very smooth and enjoyable experience. The meeting rooms were light and spacious and the meeting packages worked out well for us and the participants during our 2-day event.” - Arwa Meijer, The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

“For over 8 years the Lloyd has been our preferred hotel for accommodating the artists and musicians that play at Trouw and before that at club 11. The building, design, food, rooms are all very special and feel both metropolitan and typically Amsterdam at the same time. But it's also the place where I've spent many great moments with my wife. Lloyd is one of my favourite places in town!” - Olaf Boswijk, Club Trouw

“Our international conference guests are always pleasantly surprised with a unique piece of Amsterdam at the Lloyd Hotel”’ - Liane Vroom, Emerce

“Staying at the Lloyd Hotel is a unique experience. The extensive history and cultural relevance is felt and found throughout the entire building” - David van der Leij, Postcode Loterij

“Perfect service and meeting facilities” - Annelies Hesp, Gemeente Amsterdam

“Lovely and homely atmosphere in a city environment!” - Mari Eenhoorn, KPN

“It’s the place that will make you feel at home!” - Margaretha Sastropawiro, Aids Fonds

“Approachable staff and really nice seating areas for relaxing or working.” - Elise Alders, &Elise

“When walking through the corridors of the Lloyd you can really feel and see its history… when entering a room the creativity combined with comfortableness gave me a large smile on my face and made me want to grab my guitar and sing songs.” - Carolien de Boer, IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative

“Absolutely different” - Jacqueline de Gouw, Pernod Ricard