Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade: Design Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam, 1019 BN, Nederland


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De tweede editie van MONO JAPAN vond plaats van 3 t/m 5 februari 2017 in de iconische kamers van Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade. 

  • Toegangskaartjes (€12,50 per dag; €7,50 voor studenten) zijn verkrijgbaar op de MONO JAPAN website. 
  • Tickets voor de workshops zijn apart verkrijgbaar op de MONO JAPAN website. 
  • Kinderen onder 18 jaar en hotelgasten hebben gratis toegang tot MONO JAPAN. 
  • Openingstijden zijn van 11:00 tot 20:00 op vrijdag en zaterdag en van 11:00 tot 18:00 op zondag.


MONO JAPAN is a cultural fair of authentic and contemporary Japanese crafts & design. The Japanese word “MONO” means ‘object’ or ‘product’. With its simplicity, refinement and utter care for quality, Japanese crafts deserve a special place in the design world.
Artistic Director of the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, Suzanne Oxenaar, says, “MONO Japan is not just about craft, but also about the craftspeople who often have honed their skills over the generations. All participants will be staying at the hotel, which creates the opportunity to meet and get to know each other's cultural background better. MONO JAPAN products allow us to gain knowledge about Japanese daily life and the arts and crafts. Surprisingly, Japanese and Dutch crafts have a lot in common, both are characterized by minimal and functional simplicity and beauty. Perhaps this is precisely the reason why the Dutch love Japanese design so much."

MONO JAPAN products vary from earthenware, crockery, textiles and fashion to tea and sake. The cultural programme of MONO JAPAN consists of workhops and lectures by artists and experts where they share their vision and experience of contemporary and traditional Japanese crafts with visitors.

A day entrance costs € 10,- or € 5,- for students. Check the website of MONO JAPAN to buy your tickets and for more information.

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy and Japan

Since its inception, the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy has been acclaimed as an icon of Dutch Design and a platform for cultural exchange. The LLOVE HOTEL in Tokyo is one of the many initiatives of the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in which Dutch and Japanese designers worked together.

Pictured below are rooms from the Llove Hotel in Tokyo Japan in 2010.

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