Piet Boogert General Manager Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

Piet Boogert

posted on 07/04/2014 by Natalie

For more than twenty years our General Manager Piet Boogert has been leading a double life. It started in July 1992 when he persuaded a group of hotels in Amsterdam to organize the biggest dinner the Dam Square has ever seen. This year it involved a trip to Ethiopia. Intrigued?  So were we....

Alexa and João Rodrigues *Founders Shortcutz Amsterdam*

posted on 27/03/2014 by mylene

They have their ‘Wednesday Look’, sipping on their lemonade and beer. As usual, Alexa and João Rodrigues have spent most of the night editing the photos taken during Tuesday’s session of their weekly shorts program at the Kring: Shortcutz Amsterdam.
It’s the first thing attendees look for on Facebook the morning after the session: their pictures.

The international guests of Shortcutz Amsterdam usually stay at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, and we are showing a ‘General Audiences’ selection of winning short films on the Lloyd tv-channel in all hotel rooms.

Renzo Martens Selfie

Renzo Martens *Visual Artist*

posted on 25/03/2014 by mylene

Renzo Martens, visual artist, whose documentary film 'Episode III / Enjoy Poverty', caused a huge stir in 2008 when it came out at the International Documentary Film Fesitval Amsterdam (IDFA). In it, Martens' epic journey through the jungle of Congo is depicted. He encourages Congolese people to market and sell images of their state of poverty, and he carries with him a huge neon sign ‘Enjoy Poverty, please’. The work was shown at the Centre Pompidou, at the Berlin Biennale, in Tate Modern just to name a few, and was widely discussed by eminent thinkers from in- and outside the art world, from the London School of Economics to Yale University.

Early in the evening he walks in, wearing a white jacket and burgundy trousers, his sleek long hair combed back; yes, he does play with his likeness to the actor Klaus Kinski. He stayed at Lloyd Hotel for a week, while further developing his plans.

HACO DE RIDDER *Officer international visitors program Mondriaan Fund*

posted on 19/03/2014 by mylene

Haco de Ridder Officer International Visitors Program Mondriaan Fund
Since 2007 the guests of the International Visitors Program stay at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.

I work for the Visitors Programme and the yearly Orientation Trips organized by the Mondriaan Fund, the Dutch public cultural funding organization focusing on visual arts and cultural heritage.
We invite around 20 people a year, mostly on an individual basis but sometimes as a group. The idea is to provide them an insight into the Dutch art field. Together with them I prepare a tailor-made programme of artists and institutions that they would like to meet.

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