DJ set Boilerroom at Lloyd Hotel nr 2 RA-list

Van 21/12/2012 tot 31/12/2012

RA Poll: Top 30 mixes/compilations of 2012
The RA staff votes on their favourite compilations, online mixes and official mixes of the year.

Nr. 2 of the online mixes is Dixon & Ame's Boilerroom set at ADE 2012, staged at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.

This is their jury report:

Something special happens in the final minutes of Dixon and Âme's Boiler Room set at ADE, broadcast live from a hotel room in Amsterdam. There had been a pillow fight earlier, so feathers are drifting through the air. Kristian Beyer twirls a rose and Dixon plays an edit of Paul Simon's "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes." There's a real magic to Innervisions when they're at their best, and you'll never find a better example of it than this moment.


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