Artist Lucy Wood sails migrant boat from Lampedusa

Van 26/09/2013 tot 29/09/2013

Arrival date Thursday 26 September
Public sit in Saturday 28 September 17.00 hrs

British artist Lucy Wood sails migrant boat TO6411 from Lampedusa to  London. This Thursday she arrives in the Amsterdam Eastern Docklands where she will speak to the press and the public during her stay in Lloyd Hotel. Wood is represented by Upstream Gallery Amsterdam.
Her tour is conceived as a piece of performance art, the 4th chapter of her project ´Distant Neighbours´.

The nine metre long boat was used to traffick 36 Libyans to Lampedusa, Italy during the Libyan revolution in 2011. The Sicilian island Lampedusa’s is seen as a gateway to Europe by refugees from North Africa.

This is the fourth part of Wood´s visual book about global migration at site specific border crossing locations, ´Distant Neighbors´, which she started in 2007 in Mexico.

Wood single-handedly sailed the boat from Lampedusa to Amsterdam from April 2013. She stopped in Malta, Sicily, Naples, Rome, Genoa, Monaco, Marseilles, Arles, Avignon, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam and next week will make her way up the Thames.

On Saturday Wood will hold a public sit-in on the boat, to show the boat as a floating installation/ performance piece. The boat will also be a floating museum displaying personal effects abandoned by the original migrants on TO6411 and on similar migrant boats. Wood thus creates an anthropological survey to further illustrate the story of migration.











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