Screening STER! youth documentary


14.07 hrs screening
Lloyd Zaal, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
free but please rsvp to Nienke Eijsink at nienke[at]

Simultaneously with the broadcasting of Ster! on ZAP television by the AVRO, the documentary will be screened here in the presence of the lead-star - the 10-year old Eliyha, his friends and family. Maker of the documentary is Nienke Eijsink.

The documentary was made for AVRO en de European Broadcasting Union in the context of the Eurovision Children’s Documentary series 2012-2013. It won the maximum amount of points in the competition and got the highest appraisal by the fellow participants.

The documentary is a portrait of Eliyha, who wants to be a musical star. His mother and he are having a hard time; they live in a women's shelter and are in a debt-restructuring process. Still, Eliyha sings all day and has a positive philosophy: 'Everything  I want to forget I put in the bin, and everything I want to remember I put into Life'.






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